The stray dog's eyebrows are so cute.

The stray dog’s eyebrows are so cute.

I was really tired today. I couldn’t sleep at all. The current situation was that I had to get up at 5:00 AM because I had a study session at 6:00 AM, but I was also really sleepy, so I still did my best to get up. I walked to the nearest 24-hour supermarket to buy Redbull. I left the house and started walking. It was chilly outside at 5:30 am. The area was lit up by orange lights, making it look very romantic.


The stray dog looks like Finn the dog from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Then I heard something coming from behind me. It was a dog. It was a cute medium-sized dog. Apparently, he was a stray dog. I said good morning to him. But he just kept following me. “What’s wrong? I asked him. He seems to be hungry. He followed me all the way to the supermarket. It was as if I am Grandma Sophie and he is Finn, the dog who was taking me to Saliman’s castle.

 A stray dog that followed me. His eyebrows are so cute.

A stray dog that followed me. His eyebrows are so cute.

I laughed indeed. I wondered where he would take me. So I arrived at the supermarket. There was no angry lady in the deli section, so I bought a loaf of spinach bread there. Then two chicken bits. I bought a bottle of water and a Redbull and left the supermarket.

Then, to my surprise, the dog was waiting for me. I mean, waiting for me in front of supermarket. Of course, I would be very happy if he was waiting for me, but he was waiting for food.

He seemed to have sensed my chicken, sniffing and sniffing. He followed me all the way home. I gave him a piece of spinach bread, but he didn’t eat it. What the hell! Chicken, after all! I don’t give chicken! This is my chicken! I thought to myself. On my way home, I don’t know if the dog had given up by now, but it stopped following me. I was so glad. I was really relieved, because I was afraid that the dog would have followed me to the flat and taken up residence there.


When I was almost there, I turned around and saw him running to me in a great hurry, so I hurriedly ran, opened the front door of my flat, and closed it. I was really scared. My heart was racing. I knew I couldn’t go to the supermarket in the morning. What’s scary is that I was scared of being chased by someone. And it was dark in the morning. I took selfie with him, though.


Then I attended a workshop of a company I love. Today’s workshop was about SASS, a decorating tool that allows you to insert functions and run your program there. It was very interesting. After that, I met with the president of the company on zoom to go over the definitions for the content marketing.

However, the president was very tired and joined the meeting in the middle of the street, which made me feel very sorry for him. But I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t understand the polite way of saying “You should have told me when it was convenient for you”. Indeed, Japanese is really difficult. But I understood it well enough to do so. And since I understood the definition well, I thought it is a good thing.

I felt very sleepy afterwards, so I went to bed. I woke up at 3 pm. Oh no, I slept like crazy. After that, I did some design studies and realized that it was already nighttime. I was reminded once again how fast life goes by. Each day goes by so fast.


Frozen Khinkali and wine for dinner

Well, I am wondering what I am going to make for dinner tonight. I have some Khinkali that I bought yesterday, so I decided to make it.

 Khinkali and wine for dinner.

Khinkali and wine for dinner.

It made better than I expected and was from a different manufacturer than the first Khinkali I purchased. The taste was better than the first Khinkali I bought. But it looks very tasty.Khinkali with white wine. I am really happy. I am able to eat such delicious food. Because at this very moment, there are people in need of food, people in war, people without electricity, and people waiting for the results of their refugee applications. Compared to those people, I was really happy to be able to eat Khinkali in such a relaxing space.