When you travel the world alone, you meet a lot of people.
This place is my irreplaceable friends that I have been blessed to have met by chance.
We have been lucky enough to work on projects together and sometimes help each other.
By communicating with people from all walks of life, it leads to invaluable encounters and
world has expanded tremendously, and this leads to more creative creativity.

RussiaRoman Yaremko

- Back-end engineer

Hi guys, I’m Roman. I am being software engineer for 4 years, currently working as a middle back-end developer. Someday I want to move in Japan and do my best there.

AlgeriaAici Chifaâ

- Front End Engineer

I'm Front-End developer and I'm a computer science student in university, currently I'm studying back-end development and data analytics, I want to be a Web developer in the future.

LatviaApril Andrian

- Illustrator, fashion designer

I am April, my 6 years of life have been spent to committing fashion. Fashion is my best professional, but I wanted to find other things too, not only fashion, so I was in the middle of journey of discovery new things. And it turned out to be the creation of illustrations, photography, tattoo art, painting after all. Long story short, my profession and my love : art.

JapanKota Ishihara

- Executive director, CEO

Hello!! I love writing and creating something interesting. My life is always about new discoveries and great adventures.

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