Studied natural remedies incessantly.

Studied natural remedies incessantly.

Today, I woke up this morning just before 8:00 am. Yes, I had a regular meeting today. I had very tangled phlegm, and it was definitely bronchial phlegm. Fortunately, I was able to get it out, but its thickness made me feel sick.



After attending a regular meeting, I get a lozenge from the caretaker lady

Then I attended a regular meeting and was told to take it easy. But I am the one who do my best at times like this. But of course I’m going to rest and not push myself. From there, I decided to sleep until midnight. Then a lady came and gave me some lozenges. She also cleaned my bed and the bathroom. I was very grateful.

Then she told me how to cure my disease, using a translation. She told me to eat a mixture of honey, lemon, and a white powder called “gas” or something like that, or to gargle with salt to help my throat. And when I mentioned that my bronchial tubes hurt, she said, “I understand that. My daughter and I both get sick and have phlegm too. It’s not corona, it’s a virus that’s going around in Georgia.” So I thought, “Well, I hope it’s that, but I think the virus is too strong.”



There’s no doubt that my immune system is weakened from nutritional deficiencies.

But it seems certain that my immune system is weakened. I think it is inevitable that I feel sick because my immune system is weakened due to lack of vegetables and so on. Still, I thought it was a really strong virus.

So I said thank you very much to the lady, and she left. Then I was hungry, so I took a walk to the neighborhood and went to McDonald’s.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should go to Mapshalia, but since I was coughing so badly, I felt bad if I coughed a lot while eating, so I decided to walk to McDonald’s and order a to-go set. The takeaway set was the cheapest burger, fries, and Pepsi Cola for about 600 yen.


I can’t wait to change my shy to a more diplomatic personality.

While I was waiting for my order, my order did not come so long, so I asked the waiter about it. I wondered if she was nervous because I was different from the others.

I wondered if I could say something like, “Hey, I’m here in Georgia and I don’t have any friends, so I’d really like to make friends with you.” I’m still developing the courage, so I’m sure I’ll be able to say it in the future. So I finally picked up the paper bag from McDonald’s 10 minutes later and started walking. When I walk, I always maintain my posture and walk beautifully. Today, I was listening to “Mission Impossible”, so I was even more excited. So I ate a MacDonald’s when I got home.



Macrophages! Please! I’ll supply the nutrients, you help me!

Well, I can say it was delicious. After that, I went to the park to read a book, but it was so cold that I immediately turned back. So I ended up going to the supermarket. At the supermarket I bought water, napkins, and Pepsi Cola. Then I went home. My cough was getting worse and worse, and my joints and head hurt, so I immediately took some ibuprofen pills to try to calm me down, but they didn’t help much. I wondered why this was. But still, I really feel like I’m in the second phase of the disease. My bronchial tubes are really producing a lot of phlegm, so I’m thinking that the virus is probably really getting there. Hang in there, my body. White blood cells. Red blood cells, macrophages, please.

Besides, maybe this is a lesson. Don’t cut back on food. If I had eaten properly nourished food, I might not have gotten sick like this. So I was reminded of the importance of getting proper nutrition.