When you are sick, make time for input by dutifully reading books

When you are sick, make time for input by dutifully reading books

Today morning, well, I really hate it when it comes to mornings. Because I have to spend the whole night with phlegm stuck in my bronchial tubes and wondering when I will be able to get out the large amount of phlegm that has accumulated throughout the night. Today I realized. Yes, I know. When I’m in the shower, it’s very easy to get it out. In other words, it’s easier to expectorate when there is humidity. Also, my back really hurts so much that I don’t want to cough anymore.

I’m almost ready to break my bones, and I’m sure that coughing a lot is putting a lot of strain on my body. I took a shower, sat down, and coughed. Try to take as little strain as possible. Then I felt sleepy, so I decided to go to bed. So I was able to sleep again. I sweated a lot at that time, so I guess that’s a good thing.



Honey is a panacea that kills bacteria


Then I put on my regular jeans and had to buy water and milk and stuff today. I also had to buy napkins because they were about to run out and I was about to run out of medicine too.



Buy vegetables at the supermarket and manage to nourish myself

So, I went to the supermarket first. At the supermarket, I bought milk and water as usual, and then thought I would go to the deli section again today. But then I check to see if there is an old lady who was angry with me. The lady is no longer angry with me, and she is very normal, but for some reason, once she was angry with me, I feel like I am rejecting her. After confirming that the lady was not there, today I ordered bread with chicken and some kind of stir-fry with vegetables (bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.). I don’t like cauliflower, but I can’t help to get it. I had to get some vegetables.

When I asked the lady to give me a small size of this in Russian, she started talking to me in Georgian, and I had to smile and say yes. But I didn’t like that kind of me. I like myself to say things more clearly. So I said in Russian, “I don’t understand Georgian, I’m sorry”. She asked me if I was learning Georgian. I said, “No, I’m just traveling”. I told her I’m from Japan.



I feel happy to be able to use Russian naturally

And so I said “Madrova” at the end, thank you in Georgian. I thought it was amazing that I could say “I only speak Russian” so naturally and confidently even though I do not speak Russian usually. After all, the environment is such that if Georgian is impossible, Russian is the only language available, so perhaps that is a natural survival mindset that makes saying that the only option. When I think about it, I realized that environment is really important.



What I bought at the supermarket


I went home and ate that stir-fry and the chicken pie. I knew the chicken from the supermarket here wasn’t very good. But I was desperate, because if I didn’t get nutrition, I would lose the disease. I managed to finish my meal and decided to go to the pharmacy. My hair was growing well, so I put some hair oil on it and set it up nice.



The view outside where I am staying



Bought some medicine


And always be aware that when I walk, I’m like a runway model. Walk beautifully. I arrived at my usual pharmacy and bought my usual lemon-flavored powder. This time I already bought a box. The lady remembered that if I bought two, she would give me one free, so I ended up buying it at a very low price. Later, when I looked at the medicine, I saw that it was from Turkey. But I think it’s good enough.



Time for reflection, reading, and input during times of illness

So I bought some medicine and went home. Upon arriving home, I went out to the park to read a book. Today, I learned about the importance of “ownership” and how you shouldn’t sell out your time for it, and how the more accountability you have, the more your judgment becomes very important. He also said that it is easy to set up money because there is a lot of leverage. So, I thought to myself, “I need to keep learning, keep increasing what I can do, and keep growing”.



Night park


Right now, I’m a web engineer, so I thought, I’m just starting to become a web director. I was convinced that is next. I also heard that having the ability to “sell” and “create” is the strongest, so I would like to work on that as well. I have the ability to create, but not the ability to sell, so I would like to learn marketing in the future. Anyway, I want to own a business and quickly develop a system or something that will work even when I am sleeping so that I can leverage my business. I learned that this is very important.

I really enjoy inputting knowledge at night in the park with an e-book in my hand. But one page was so dense that I wanted to summarize it in my own way in my notebook. So I would take a picture of each page, but halfway through I realized, “No, it would be faster to slide this when I write down”, and stopped taking pictures. And then I go home because it’s getting cold by now and I’m out of tissues to wipe my runny nose and blow my nose. Twenty seconds from the park. That’s so near.

The park is relatively large and there are all kinds of people walking around, young people hanging out, girls talking on the benches, so I think it’s kind of nice. And so I go home. I summarize the contents of the book and reflect on it in my own way. After all, this kind of time is very important. I learned once again that introspection is very important in order to make a firm course correction, to correct the direction of our efforts, and to keep moving forward.

Then, I studied English, studied French, and so on. Anyway, continuity. Everyday small accumulation. I will do my best tomorrow too. For now, I hope the cough will stop soon and the phlegm will disappear. In other words, I want the virus in my bronchial tubes to be eliminated as soon as possible. Macrophages, I’m counting on you.