Buying the antibacterial drug azithromycin

Buying the antibacterial drug azithromycin

Today, it was past 3:30 p.m. again when I woke up this morning. It seems like I slept a lot. A lot, really a lot. I have to remove phlegm when I wake up in the morning, but that didn’t change much today either. I think my physical condition is completely back to normal, but only the cough and phlegm are really not going away. So I did some research and found out that if the acute bronchitis persists, I should go to the doctor. But I don’t know about going to the doctor, and in the end I want medicine. I want antibacterial and antiviral drugs. So I decided to go to the pharmacy in town to see if I could get those.



Finally, buy azithromycin

This time, instead of going to the place I had been going to, I decided to go somewhere else, so I went to a different pharmacy. The pharmacy had an old lady and seemed to really have medicine, so I decided to go there.

I showed her the message I had gotten from Google Translate, “I have bronchitis and I have phlegm, so I need antibacterial medicine,” which I converted into Georgian. Then the old lady nodded and got ready to go. The medicine came in a pack of three pills. So it was listed as ANTIBIOTICS, so it was an antibacterial drug. What the heck! It was that easy to get!



In Japan, you have to go to a doctor to get such a high level of antibacterial medicine, but in Georgia, I could usually buy antibacterial medicine. The one I bought was azithromycin 500 mg. The potency was 500 mg, so it seemed quite strong. I looked it up and found out that it is a very strong drug, one tablet a day for three days, which lasts for a week.

The old lady told me to take it three times a day, but I thought that was too strong, so I decided to take it in three separate doses. I looked it up and found that it can treat bronchitis, sinusitis, and dermatitis such as sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia.

I see, azithromycin. I’ll remember the name. That way, when I get a fever overseas, I can just ask for azithromycin and they will give it to me right away. Of course, azithromycin is not effective against influenza or coronavirus. The structure of viruses and bacteria are completely different, so even if you use an antibacterial drug, it won’t get inside the virus because of the lipid membrane of the virus. So viruses are crazy strong and have a much more complex structure than bacteria. I learned that in college biology. And I really hope that this acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria, because I heard that 60% of green or yellow sputum in acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria. I really hope it is not a virus.



Learn about the immune mechanism again

Come to think of it, the reason why green-colored sputum is produced is apparently because Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a common bacterium) produces a green toxin when it infects people who are not immune. Or, neutrophils of white blood cells produce peroxidase to attack the bacteria, and the enzyme is green in color. That’s what it said.

I really learned a lot because usually I would go to the doctor and take antibiotics right away to cure it, but this was a long time coming and I had to deal with everything on my own. I think this is a great experience.



Then, as usual, I bought some bread and read a book in the park.

Then I went to my usual bakery and bought two loaves of bread. This time with robiani, which was quite tasty. But I personally prefer the one with potatoes. After that, I also passed Vincent, whom I had met in a French group. He and his Vietnamese girlfriend were walking and we bumped into each other and he asked me why I didn’t come to the French group there. And he said, “You are coming this week, right?” I said, “I just bought some medicine, so if it helps me get better, I’ll come!” He is fluent in Japanese, so I spoke to him in Japanese. I thought he is really handsome. Then we shook hands and said bye-bye. I wondered where they were going now.

With this in mind, I decided to go home and read a book in my usual park. What I learned today is that reading a variety of books is really good, and if you read even 2 hours every day, you can be 0.0001% of the way there. Besides, you don’t have to read all the books, just the ones that really interest you.

And once you decide on a book that you think is the right one, or that really hits the mark, you can read it over and over again. But be careful, because ideas are like songs; they get stuck in your head, so when you read a book properly, think about it carefully, determine which books are good, and keep away from them if you think they are even slightly different. That’s what I learned.

No amount of money can buy a peaceful mind, a healthy body, and a loving family. Therefore, these three things must be won, and must never be neglected. I was told that I should never neglect these three things. But I really feel enough to keep in mind that true happiness is not about money, but about “connections with people.” People are that important.

Besides, the tendency is that older, still-read books are correct, for example, books on logic, mathematics, health, and psychology. In the case of technology, the latest books tend to be correct. I really think this is true. There are so many authors, and there are so many people who write things that are all made up, so it is really important to be able to tell the difference.



What is the best job for me?

And the best workout for me seems to be “something I enjoy so much that I want to do it every day.” I wondered if I could enjoy web development so much that I would want to do it every day. I thought about it, and yes, it is.

I’m currently working on my own blog of sorts to post this diary, and I’m having a lot of fun designing, coding, and enhancing it from scratch. I feel as if I am in control of everything, and it is very difficult, but when it is done, it is a great feeling. So I felt like this was a success. I was sure that I had found my true calling.

But recently, I feel that performance (playing the piano, walking the runway as a model, etc.) also seems to be something good for me. I feel that way. I want to be that kind of person. I don’t want to be some kind of influencer, but I want to have my own opinion clearly, be proud of myself, and work hard at my beautiful work. I want to be that kind of beautiful person. I will continue to work hard every day to become the kind of person I envision!