Work long at a riverside café!

Work long at a riverside café!

Today, I was working on coding until morning. So I was able to go to bed after 6:00 a.m. and woke up at 3:00 p.m. I slept a lot today. My original plan was to get up at 12:00, and then start working things, but I couldn’t get up and ended up getting up at 3:00 p.m. Then, I decided to go to a cafe on the riverbank nearby because I had some site migration work to do today.



I get nervous just entering a café

I had been curious about that place for a while, so I wondered where it is like. And I still needed energy to go there. I am not accustomed to going out to eat alone, and I am not accustomed to going into cafes alone, so I was reluctant to go there. But maybe this was just another ordeal.



In this way, I was forced to enter (actually, well, I want to enter lol) what I had avoided during my studies in Japan and Russia, now I’m in an environment where I have no choice but to enter.

First, I sat down on a bench nearby to calm down, and then entered a café. It was a very quiet café, and because it was a small café, the people seemed to be local. There were many people studying or working on their computers. I first made eye contact and said Hi with a smile. Then I went outside. For some reason, I like the terrace.

Maybe because I can work while breathing fresh air, and nothing beats nature. Yes, I mean, nature is nice. So I thought again that I like the openness of the outside better than the airy, crowded feeling inside. So I went outside and the waitress brought me a menu. There were a lot of beer menus and liquor menus there. Yeah, this is a cafe, right? I wondered if they had cappuccinos.

So I took a closer look and was relieved to see that they also had a coffee menu. So I ordered a cappuccino and a panna cotta. I heard they charge a 10% service fee, so it ended up being about 17 lari. So, I guess it was about 800 yen. But it was not that expensive. So I started working on the site transition working at the cafe.



Migration work with the president in Japan

They were willing to do it with me, so I had to remotely go into Gather and work on the migration. It was also very complicated and required a great deal of server knowledge, so we struggled a lot. Yet we all had a great time talking and working together. I heard that one of the members had a mental breakdown and was down.

I wondered if I, too, could be like that when I was mentally exhausted, and I wondered if people have hearts, too, since we are not robots after all. That’s right. We do have a heart. But I think that mental illness is something that, in retrospect, I thought, “Oh, what will happen to me in the future? Will I be able to make money at this point?”
I couldn’t sleep at night because of the anxiety during the study period.



The sunset is making it romantic.


But it was not to the point of being dangerous. I just had big spasms in bed every once in a while. It was no big deal. And, going back even further, when I was in love in Russia, I was hyperventilating. That was bad. So, in the end, I thought, when my own mentality goes down, it’s love. I hope I will never get mentally ill from my work. Because in love, you just don’t know the solution, but in work, there is always a process and a solution, and if you can’t do it, you can’t do it. If you think it’s a bad idea, report it immediately. If you don’t like it, say no. That’s it. That’s it. That’s why it’s okay.

As I was thinking this, I was eating my panna cotta while brushing off the mosquitoes that had somehow eaten my panna cotta. I was outside, and there were mosquitoes flying around me, probably because around, there is a park. However, I was not being bitten. I guess there are a lot of male mosquitoes. But still, there were so many big mosquitoes. One of them landed on my tissue, so I squashed it. Sorry…. I said sorry and talked to the mosquito that was squashed and suffering. I felt like a psychopath. Well, let’s leave it at that.



I stay at the cafe for about three hours. It gets dark outside and the mood is very romantic.

It was completely dark and cold outside. At first it was about 20 degrees Celsius, but before I knew it, it was 10 degrees Celsius. Even my cappuccino was getting cold. But the view was beautiful. It was a romantic view. There was a river running next to it and a bridge above it. It was really beautiful and I was happy to be able to work in such a place. I was smiling. I was so happy. I kept my hand over my mouth so that I wouldn’t be recognized. But I thought it was really fun to work with the members in an online room all the time.

I am grateful to the CEO for giving me such an environment. I really wonder why I have not had any good encounters in Georgia, but I wonder if it is because I had too many good encounters in Japan and now I am out of luck. That’s what I thought.
It was getting very cold, so I decided to go home. I paid the bill, saying thank you for helping my work to CEO. Then I put on my jacket and went outside. At that time, maybe it was my Japanese mindset, but I felt like putting away the menu and the napkins on the table, and I took them directly to the waiter.

Of course, the person looked at me funny. But they took it as a “thank you” or “It’s my job”. But for some reason, the Georgian waiter looked at me with a strange and slightly superior look. But I guess I shouldn’t blame her for looking at me that way. Maybe I look like I’m lacking in confidence. Maybe it’s because it’s only been a month since I left Japan and I haven’t gotten used to it, or maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to make friends yet and I don’t have the confidence to deal with other people.

With that in mind, I wonder what the issue is now. Anyway, I need to go to more restaurants and cafes so that I can act normally without being nervous and talk to people. And to talk to people…. If I don’t do this, I will not be able to enjoy myself when traveling alone. There are 8 billion people in this world, and I wonder how many of them are compatible with me. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I am an attractive person and I can attract many people. Right? I’m sure.