Go to the MOMA in Tbilisi!

Go to the MOMA in Tbilisi!

Finally, I went to Tbilisi MOMA! The moment I entered through the entrance, I was amazed at the scale of the building. The staircases were all made transparent and the view was really beautiful.



The Georgia-like pieces fascinate me.

I didn’t know where the entrance gate was, but I bought a ticket at the reception anyway. It was much cheaper than the Digital Art Museum. After buying the ticket, I was shown the entrance gate and entered the museum. The structure was more vertically wide than horizontally wide, and there were five floors in total. There were stairs and elevators in the center and art around them.



All-glass construction



Linear symmetry is very beautiful.


There were a lot of really interesting works, and it really felt like Georgia. Georgia’s works are very unique in the sense that the people are unique, and it feels like an ancient village.

The art is very cheerful, but there is also a dark darkness, and the image of an old man carrying stale wine in an orange ceramic barrel looks like he is in pain. It’s really hard to describe in words. But anyway, it was interesting.



Of particular interest to me was the works using cubism. Some of the art was geometry, like Kandinsky’s, but there were also many cubist works, plus many works depicting nudes, which symbolize female beauty.



In the past, many women had very child-bearing bodies, not what we would call fat nowadays, but with flesh. So I wonder if there were no women with slim bodies like models. In this respect, the women’s curves were well drawn and shadows were used well to create a three-dimensional female beauty, which is very beautiful.



I also took a lot of pictures.



I stayed at the museum for about an hour, and then decided to go to a nearby café that I had been curious about.



The cafe is very museum style with a cute world view.

This is a cafe called “The museum”. It is really a café with various artworks and objects, just like a museum.



So, I worked all the way there and wrote my journal. I really think again, such a delicious New York cheesecake and cappuccino. This is 1,260 yen. Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m really happy to work in such a nice place. I don’t know how long this will last. But I am sure that we definitely have to transition more and more.



On the wall is a quote from Steve Jobs.


So, we should never do the same thing all the time. If we don’t keep renewing ourselves and keep learning, we will disappear more and more in the future.



Take a cab to see the illumination of Tbilisi

Then, I wanted to take a picture of the illumination at night from the cab! So I decided to go to the end of FREEDOM SQUARE and call a cab from there to FREEDOM SQUARE. I opened the window and shot for 3 minutes. It was really beautiful. It was just like heaven, or like USJ, really beautiful illumination. Christmas in Tbilisi is really the best. I think it’s really romantic.

And when I played the music with Polar express, it really matched and made a great video. So I posted it on Instagram.

After that, I had sushi at the Galleria. It was crazy overpriced at 1200 yen (22 lari) for only about 6 pieces of salmon.



The taste is usually good. However, I thought it would be best to eat in Japan. By the way, Philadelphia was the best.



My favorite perfume



Ferragamo perfume is not bad