Czech Republic

Museum tours in the Czech Republic! And the museum of that famous musician!

Museum tours in the Czech Republic! And the museum of that famous musician!

Visit Antony Dvorak’s museum

In the morning, I wake up with the sun’s rays. It really feels good to wake up in the morning like this. It is truly a wonderful life to be able to wake up with a circadian rhythm without setting an alarm.



Today, I was feeling a bit lazy and laid around. Days like this are wonderful. It is during the time when I do nothing that serotonin is secreted and I feel happy. Days like this are good, too.



Speaking of which, Czech Koruna


I was looking for a museum to visit with my iPhone, and I found the Dvorak Museum, which sounded familiar to me. Then I looked for it and found that Antony Dvorak was the composer of the “New World”! I had no idea he was from the Czech Republic.

I am not really interested in museums and such. Of course, I am interested, but only in artists I like. I don’t want to go to an art museum because it is an art museum. I go to various countries and visit museums, and what I discover is that each country has its own art. There is something subtly different. I like to discover these subtle differences and incorporate them into my work. That is what I like. That is why I often visit museums. But to be honest, I am not that interested in them. However, museums and art galleries of my favorite music and artists are different.

So I decided to visit the Dvorak Museum. It is very close to the hotel. So I had breakfast at the hotel first, finished my meeting, and then headed there. Come to think of it, since I was in Paris before, I was astonished at the low quality of the food. Bread is dry, butter is ordinary butter, sausages and bacon taste ordinary. Everything is ordinary. Of course, you might think that there is nothing better than ordinary, but coming from Paris, I was shocked by the quirkiness. I was shocked to realize that France is a country where food is the best.



Well, when I went to Dvorak’s museum, it was very empty, no one was at the entrance, and when I opened the door, there was a woman sitting at the front desk. I asked her for a ticket and bought it. She then asked me what country I am from, and when I said Japan, to my surprise, she lent me some materials written in Japanese.

I looked at it and decided to go around the museum. There were only a few exhibits on the second floor, but I was able to learn a lot about his history. And he is known for having been to many different countries, which was too special for that era, unlike most Czechs. He was also a professor at some university in the U.S. He is said to be a wonderful musician. There was a trophy from that time on display.



Clothes he wore when he was a college professor and gave a speech


The piano he actually used


Then there was a clay statue of his face when he died, cigarettes, and glasses. Then there was the desk and chair he had used. It was touchable, so I could feel him, touching the parts he would have touched when he pulled the chair out. I wondered if he had used this chair decades ago. I also got to see the piano he used. It was really wonderful. It was amazing that he was able to make such wonderful music in such an ancient time. I think it must be difficult to make music like this nowadays with technology and so on. I was deeply impressed by the music. I did not buy any souvenirs, but this is the kind of museum I like. Reading the explanations, appreciating, and feeling. It’s nice.



Enjoy the National Museum

I went to the National Museum. At first, I had no idea that it was a national museum. I thought it was probably a government building, because it really stands tall in the center of the city. Then I looked on Google Maps and saw that it was the National Museum. So, since there was nothing going on today, I decided to go there.



The National Museum is located very close to my hotel, so it was very easy. When I arrived and opened the door, how elegant. I walked down the carpet to the ticket booth. I felt like I was at the Met Gala. I couldn’t believe that it was a museum, it was so beautiful with so many gold colors.



I have recently noticed something about myself, and that is that I like gold and black. I thought it’s like Yves Saint Laurent lol. But I am strangely attracted to buildings with gold decorations, like the Opera Garnier or this place.



Well, I decided to buy a ticket. 200 koruna (1200 yen). Well, it was not that expensive, so it was OK. At first, I tried to buy a ticket for 18-26 years old, but I was told that I needed a student ID card for that. In the end, I bought a general ticket. Then, I went up the stairs. It was so beautiful that I thought it was really a royal palace. It was so beautiful that it drove me crazy. And there were not many people there, so I felt like a protagonist, walking in the middle.



I felt really good. The museum has four floors, so I started from the lowest level. There is a mineral floor, a square with statues of famous people, a Czech history floor, a museum of fossils found in the Czech Republic, a biological museum, and many other exhibits, all of which were really interesting. Especially interesting was the history, where you can learn about what this place used to be like in the past.



Of course, I am not interested in history, but standing there, I wonder what happened 100 years ago in the place where I am now, and what was happening around me. I feel a strong sense of it, and it’s interesting. I found a documentary exhibition about the Nazi era in the Czech Republic, which was also under the Nazi regime. The Czech Republic was also a member of the Nazi regime, and the main street in front of the museum was crowded with people. I saw a video of one of the executives giving a speech. I felt that this is how it must have been during the war years. I don’t like scary and sad things, but I want to see them and I want to know about them. Is this adrenaline? Noradrenaline? I don’t know. I don’t like horror, but I want to see it. The kind that makes your heart pound with pleasure. This is similar to that of a roller coaster, so I guess it’s adrenaline.



Then I look at the biology section and the mineral section. My favorite mineral is hematite. I guess. I usually think crystals and amethysts are really beautiful, too. I bought it in Shizuoka prefecture as a souvenir from a visit to a limestone cave, and I miss it. And here it is. What a surprise.

I also missed the museum of living creatures, such as ammonites and trilobites. I bought a fossil of a trilobite a long time ago. I enjoyed the museum while remembering such things.

I bought a postcard at the souvenir shop, and that was the end of my visit.

On the way back, I asked the doorman to take a picture of me standing in the middle of the stairs where the most beautiful carpet was laid. The doorman is about 60 years old and has no sense of photography. So I said sorry, but I asked him to do it again, and he took it right in the middle. No regrets. This is my belief. I am glad I had the picture taken. It turned out to be a great picture.



Still, I had never seen such a gorgeous museum. There are geometric patterns on the floor. Very nice. I don’t know why, but I was fascinated. I was thinking that I might take inspiration from this and incorporate it into my logo. That’s what I felt. Museums absorb not only the exhibits but also the atmosphere, and it is the atmosphere that opens up something hidden inside me and makes me aware of new types of me. There are people who say they like visiting museums, but they should think deeper. There are two types of people: those who have a deep reason for visiting museums, and those who simply want to create an atmosphere of contentment and lightheartedness. I think so. I think that the most important thing about a museum is not the exhibits, but the building itself. The walls, the floor, the air, everything is like art.



And in the evening I eat Tredrenik again. Ice cream in this cold weather is already the best. Really.