Czech Republic

Intruder in a hostel. One roommate's iPhone stolen in the middle of the night.

Intruder in a hostel. One roommate’s iPhone stolen in the middle of the night.

Dining with friends from Hong Kong

Today I woke up this morning at almost midnight. Already, the Ukrainian girl were gone. I took a shower for the last time and the French girls went out. I heard this morning that the two French girls met in Berlin three days ago, hit it off, and decided to travel together. I was surprised that such a thing could happen. I heard that she is attending a university in Switzerland. I thought, “How nice! I want to go to Switzerland, too! I want to live there as a student! I’m sure I’ll have a great encounter there.



Well, then I took a short break and the Hong Kong boy was playing some game in bed. I suggested some places we could go and have lunch together, and we went to have lunch together. We went to a local restaurant very close by. The food was very cheap and the place was like a diner. We had a very deep conversation. We had a very, very deep conversation.



Oh, by the way, I ordered pork, potato salad, and soup. It was 212 CZH, so about 1200 yen. No, that’s expensive! lol. As for how it tastes, well, it’s like, ummm…. Because I was in Paris before, and I ate delicious food every day, so … lol.

He and I were mostly talking about AI in the future. He talked about sensors, and how he wanted to develop a machine that could be used all the time without batteries, just with solar energy and motion. He said that was his start-up idea. He talked about his vision for the future, which was very interesting. He said that in the future, the work will be replaced by AI, so the time will come soon when all the jobs that can be done without person who has not skills. And simple jobs will be replaced by AI, so people will no longer have to do repetitive and heavy work, and it will be easier.

But at the same time, what happens to those who lose their jobs in that way? He thinks that there will be more vocational schools and places for these people to learn. But I wondered if they would have the ability to learn something and have the brain to do the work after they turn 50. We were discussing that.

And I also thought that cabs, cars, and buses will be AI. How about AI in Hong Kong? I asked him about AI in Hong Kong, and he said that Hong Kong is lagging behind China. I heard that in China, no one has Chinese Yuan and they use QR codes for shopping. They are really advanced. I asked him about a town in China called Shenzhen, which of course he knew. He said that China is fast in everything they do and the process is simple because the government controls everything. But he said democracy is not centralized, so it takes a very long time to do anything.

China has grown into an economic powerhouse, and he was very appreciative of that. I think that’s true. But I also shared with him that it was really surprising to me that there are Chinese police stations in France, Germany, and Japan.

Besides, we talked about language. He started studying English two years ago, and he studied with an app and focused especially on speaking. He said English will be important in the future. It was really the same for me. If you can speak English, you can escape from Japan and expand your world. And business opportunities will expand not only to Japan but also to the world. We could do anything we wanted. We were talking about such things to each other. We also talked about how the reason we are meeting like this now is because we both speak English, so we can become friends and collaborate in business in the future. I knew we would be able to talk with this kind of person. He told me that he doesn’t get along with his high school and middle school friends anymore, which is natural. It’s a sign of growing up, and people are creatures that change. I told him that it is natural for people to lose touch with their old friends and that it is a good sign that you are growing up. The same goes for me. I mean, I don’t have any friends to begin with lol.



I was really happy to meet friends with this kind of mindset. This is the first time for us Asians to meet each other in Czech. I used to avoid Asians, but I found him to be a truly respectable person. I am sure he will do a very interesting business. I am rooting for him.



What Happened at Starbucks

I decided to work at Starbucks, as I had some work to do on a project. I went into Starbucks and ordered a cappuccino as usual. The waitress seemed very interested in me and asked me what my name is. I told her my name is Kota, and she told me how to spell it. So I told her how to spell it KOTA. I paid the bill as usual, but I felt something. I felt that she was definitely interested in me lol.

I was very happy, even though she is not my type. So, I was curious about the waiter. It takes a lot of courage to ask about Instagram, so I was a little embarrassed. But I want to be American minded so that I can say it as if it is not a matter of course. That’s what I thought. When I finished working on my computer and left, she went out of her way to call out “Bay!” I turned around and said “Bay!” and she looked away. So I hope I can visit that Starbucks again and ask her about her Instagram. But how will I make my way there?

Outside, there is a machine with Franz Kafka’s big face, which apparently moves once an hour. So I was frantically shooting video.




A Bad Event at the Hostel

I slept until 12:00am today and couldn’t really sleep. When I got home, I was thinking about designing a new business card for myself so that I could put a stamp on it, and what kind of stamp design I would like to use, and I was researching on the Internet. Then I would watch the news. It was 3 o’clock before I knew it. New members came to the hostel, two from Australia. They were going to a club and left here at 9 pm.

Two French girls had also been invited, so they also went. But my Hong Kong friends and I didn’t have the energy and I was just taking a shower, so we decided not to go. After that, at one o’clock in the evening, the French came back. But the Australians had not returned yet. I kept surfing with my cell phone. Then, at about 3:30 in the morning, one of them came in. I couldn’t see her clearly, but she was wearing a down coat. I thought it must be one of the Aussies. I went to bed as usual. I went to bed normally, but I didn’t wear glasses, so I don’t remember much clearly. I woke up in the morning and attended a regular meeting with a company in Japan. Then, the incident occurred.



When I returned to my room, one of the French girl’s iPhone was missing. Oh my…. I immediately thought of something. I told her that I had seen a figure yesterday around 3:30am. I told them about it, and they agreed that it was probably the Aussies. So I decided to ask the manager to check the camera on the counter. But there was one thing that puzzled me. That is, the Australian girls had locked her backpack and her pajamas were still in the same arrangement they were in yesterday. And the bed futon was very organized and very clean. This is strange. When I woke up in the morning, the guy who was supposed to be sleeping was not there, so I wondered if he had already gone somewhere. Considering that, I don’t think Australians would steal a cell phone, and I don’t see the benefit of stealing one.

If they stay in a dormitory, they are either looking to meet people or they don’t have money. By the way, I am both lol. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time.

Apparently, the security camera at the counter was fenced off so we couldn’t see it, but I could see the entrance. So, there was a shadow of a man at the entrance. That means it was a strange man who came in yesterday. Seriously? I still don’t know. I suspect the Aussies. But it was a puzzling case that I really don’t understand.

In the end, I became very uncomfortable and the two French people who were staying there decided to move to a hotel. And my friend from Hong Kong left for Amsterdam. Then the Australian who just came last night also came back and we asked her if she didn’t steal it. She said no, it was not me. But when I thought about it, she seemed very deliberate. I still wonder if I really am her.

At times like this, it is easy to understand the truthl if you ask, “You didn’t come home after going to the bar yesterday, did you?” because it is difficult for them to lie. This was written in a book. If you use a negative expression and make the other person say yes, it is easy to spot a lie. But I couldn’t use that because the French girl, not me, asked it in a different way.

But still, I really didn’t like it. So, eventually, the room was empty. I too moved immediately to the hotel. And the two Australians quickly packed up and moved out as well. It was kind of creepy. It made me wonder if the two of them were working together. But really, it would have been so creepy if it wasn’t, and a stranger had come in. Of course, it’s not surprising if they came in since all the doors were unlocked, but it was a scary experience nonetheless.

Luckily, I was sleeping by the window at the far end from the door, where they couldn’t easily get to me, so they couldn’t steal my phone, and I was able to wriggle under the bed, so I was mostly safe. In her case, however, she had it on her desk, which was a little farther away from her, so it could be stolen. So, I felt that I had to be really careful. I was very sleepy, but I packed my luggage and headed for the hotel. Experiences like this are important. You should not feel lucky because you have not been harmed. It could have easily been me too.

This is a foreign country, and things like this happen. Therefore, I felt it deeply in my heart that I should be very careful when I stay in hostels. At the end of the trip, I gave my friend in Hong Kong my business card and said thank you. Then we hugged and said good-bye. I hope to see him again somewhere in the future.