Morning flight to the Economic Zone city!

Morning flight to the Economic Zone city!

Today, I could not sleep until morning. I was thinking about various things, such as what will happen to me in the future and whether I will be able to marry the person I love, and before I knew it, it was morning. We woke up at 5:00 a.m. It was just at sunrise, so it was very beautiful. I took a shower first and dried my T-shirt with a hair dryer. The time passed quickly, so I returned my card key to the receptionist and headed for the airport.



Cab drivers honk their horns at least 100 times.

The cab guy going to the airport was a really funny guy. He said it was going to be crowded anyway, so at 6:00 in the morning there were a lot of bicycles and motorcycles on the road, which turned into a bike path. So I arrived at the airport with my horn honking all over the place. He probably honked his horn more than 100 times. I was very thankful that I could get the feeling of being in such a hurry.


Vietnamese RedBulls are not carbonated!



Ho Chi Minh City arrives sooner than expected.

We were able to arrive at the airport an hour and 15 minutes before Ryoke’s flight departed and were able to check in safely. I was on Vietnam Airlines and he was on Vietjet Air.


Two shots with Ryoke’s Vietjet Air


Because he made a last minute reservation, I got the wrong “sold out” message, and he chose the different flight to Ho Chi Minh City, 15 minutes earlier than I did. I thought it was really interesting that we traveled together and took different planes. The flight time was 1 hour and 45 minutes, but we arrived in one hour. The scenery on the flight was really beautiful. I had a great view of Da Nang and it was a great feeling.


Vietnam Airlines, my favorite as always.


When I went outside Ho Chi Minh City, the temperature was 34 degrees Celsius. Ho Chi Minh City is a real urban area, so it’s all concrete, no sea like Da Nang, and inland. So it was very hot.



We hit a money-saving cab driver and we had to walk.

We walked to the cab place. The cab was supposed to meet us at the pick-up point, but the cab driver did not want to go to the airport, probably because he had to pay to enter the airport, and it was very annoying to have to pay. I didn’t like that very much, so I cancelled and called a different cab. I really want to give that cab a 1 star rating. Despite all that, the different cab came without incident and we headed to the cafe. The cafe was a bit confusing because it was empty, but we ordered a coconut dessert there and we rested for about 2 hours.


Insanely delicious coconut dessert!



Thanks for the flight!


I learned that there was a movie theater nearby, so I decided to watch “Guardian of the Galaxy” from there. We headed from the cafe to the movie theater.



We decided to see Guardian of the Galaxy

It was so hot that our shoulders were bright red. We had swum in the sea in Da Nang for an hour and a half yesterday without sunscreen, and it was so hot. It really hurt too much just to carry a backpack…


The sunburn is too much.


So I arrived at the movie theater. I buy a ticket, but it costs 400 yen. Cheap! If we ordered drinks and popcorn together, it was 800 yen per person. Still, it seemed very cheap.


Watch a movie together!


The movie was really good, moving, and made me cry a lot, and it was so nice that I really don’t think there is any movie by MARVEL that is so interesting and has so many moving moments.



Purikura photo shoot with two men

After watching the movie, we decided to take purikura together since we were so excited. This is something that we usually don’t get to do in Japan, so we had a lot of fun! We were allowed to take as many as 9 pictures and then we could choose from them, so we took pictures in various poses. But Ryoke-chan always used the same poses, which was a bit funny lol.


Purikura photo shoot! It’s the best!


It looks like a couple, but of course we are straight lol.

It was a lot of fun.


Check in to our accommodation and take a 3-hour nap there.

After watching the movie, we were told we could check in, so we headed to our accommodations. We had slept almost no sleep, so we got really sleepy and slept for about 5 hours.


Delivery ordered before taking a nap. Green rice.


It was 9:00 at night when I woke up. Then, we decided to go for a walk outside. We decided to walk to Bui Vien Street, which is very close to where young people gather in an atmosphere similar to that of Kabukicho in Tokyo.



Bui Vien Street was noisier than Kabukicho, clubs, nightlife.

When we went to Bui Vien Street, there were so many touts there and the music was so loud even on a weekday that I could not hear them even though I was walking down the street. But it was really all club area, and there were so many girls dancing outside and inside that I felt this is Vietnam. I was touted by many people, which was also interesting. Vietnamese music is very addictive, and the rhythm is always the same, so it’s not good if you really get into it. Ryoke and I decided to go to that club tomorrow.


Us taking pictures together in the club district lol.


And so, we walked around the various streets. Some of them are labeled “VIP,” and since sex services are illegal in Vietnam, they operate in various ways, some of them are not visible, some are labeled “massage,” some are fake barbers, and many others. We walked around the city with such places here and there. There was a pho store on a street corner, so we ate pho there. It was the most delicious.


Open-air pho restaurant



The pho was so good!



Cheers to coconuts and Coke.


Then we went to Family Mart to buy water and yogurt, and returned home.



Condoms found at a convenience store. Okamoto condoms are inexpensive at 180 yen for a pack of 3 condoms!



Oh no. The first floor in Vietnam was the second floor in Japan.

I get on the elevator and press the 2 button to enter room 202. When I opened the door …

To my surprise, there was a couple in bed having sex. As I hurriedly closed the door, I realized that I had gotten the wrong room. I was also surprised to find out that I could get a keycard key to the other room. I felt really bad and scared at the same time. I learned a big lesson. It was that 2 in Vietnam is the third floor and 1 is the second floor.


I have a hard time finding friends.

I opened Tinder because I really wanted to find someone to share my adventures in Ho Chi Minh City with, but I found that everyone was posting sexy stuff on Tinder, which is an app for sex, of course, but I thought it was amazing that Vietnam was so explicit about it. It is obvious that Japan hides it too much.

It’s hard to get likes from my type of people on Tinder, so today I reviewed my photos, chose photos that would get more likes from such people, and re-submitted them. Such are the days.

I really enjoyed myself today. I made a lot of discoveries, and I think it was a very fun and adventurous day.