Finally from Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand!

Finally from Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand!

Finally from Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand

I said thank you to the residence and took a motorcycle cab to the airport. Today, I woke up earlier than usual. I took a shower as usual.

I eat Vietnamese food from a delivery service, thinking that today is my last day in Vietnam. I feel that the residence where I am staying is a really nice place. For the first time in my life, I was living with a roommate in the residence. I was living with one roommate, and one of them went to a different place only while I was there and rented out the room. So, in effect, it was just me and that person living together. I didn’t know how to interact with them, but I feel that I really learned a lot from this experience. Once again, I learned the importance of having various experiences.



I was able to take a motorcycle cab to the airport!

What a surprise! I was able to carry all my luggage, which weighed 10 kilos, to the airport! That was a great discovery for me. I had been taking cabs for a long time, but this time I had to save money because it was before my payday, so I decided to take a motorcycle cab. So I thought, “I’m sure they can carry my luggage just fine.



A bad motorcycle found on the way to the airport.


Still, I was nervous. The first time I rode a motorcycle was in Hanoi, where I met Toan. At first, when I got on the bike, I couldn’t help but feel like I was going to fall backwards, and I was really nervous. But now, riding a motorcycle was not scary at all. This is what “habituation” is all about: people are scared at first, but if you do the same thing over and over again a lot, it will naturally become normal.

That is why it is really important to get out of your comfort zone and take on various challenges.



At the airport, we left about 45 minutes late! Arrived safely in Thailand.

To my surprise, I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand! This was a real surprise.

I am traveling the globe.



I flew from a country called “Vietnam” to a country called “Thailand” on the planet Earth.

I think this is really interesting and interesting when you think about it on a cosmic level.



I’m still nervous about being in a new country.

I am an ENFP, which is my personality. That’s why I love adventure, I’m a free spirit, and I’m bored. But, but, but, I still get nervous. Really. I’m only human, and people say to me, “You look like you’re having fun on your adventures! You have nothing to be afraid of!” But of course I am scared.

But the reason why I am afraid is because I don’t know.



Arrival in Bangkok


Yes, I do not do any advanced research before going to each country. I don’t do it at all. I think about it and do research after I actually arrive. Because it’s a “hassle” lol.

And it’s more interesting that way! Really. I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s diary.

For example, I was so nervous and anxious about how to buy a SIM card, or how to withdraw money at the bank, because I didn’t even research such things in advance.

But once you arrive, you can handle it. That’s how human beings are. Besides, 90% of anxiety never happens. Our brains create anxiety based on our own imagination. But in reality, it doesn’t happen. Don’t worry.



Arrive in Thailand, first buy a SIM card and take a bus to your accommodation.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Thailand was to buy a SIM card. Without it, I couldn’t live without it.

Fortunately, I can use my credit card, and besides, I heard that it costs about 1,350 yen and can be used for a week, so that’s great. And I don’t know if Southeast Asia is a very friendly country, but instead of lending me a SIM card pin, I give them my iPhone and they do everything for me. Even setting it up. So I felt like they were really nice.



Take the shuttle bus from the airport to the center



Buses go to the center of the city for 50 baht (200 yen) using city buses. I asked at the information center and learned that I could take the A4 bus, which goes to Khao San Road near my lodgings.



Portraits of Thailand’s kings are displayed along the way.


So I decided to wait for that bus at the designated spot. The temperature outside was a whopping 36 degrees Celsius. So it’s crazy hot! Really! So, after waiting on a bench outside for about 20 minutes, the bus finally arrived. And I paid the 1,000 baht I withdrew from the bank ATM and got 950 baht. I am so sorry. I’m so sorry for taking out such a big bill.



I feel Japanese.

I was Japanese, of course now too lol. I answered the bus driver very politely, kept smiling, thought about others, and opened the aisle. I felt that I’m Japanese, of course, I am. I felt that my roots have not changed. Is this due to genes? Or is it because I have lived in Japan for so many years?

To my surprise, I arrived at Khao San Road and got off the bus. I was amazed at the sight. My gosh, there were only foreigners! There were really no local people at all, of course, there were many store clerks and so on, but all the other customers were from the EU to the USA. I was really surprised at the sight. And there were no Japanese people at all! Perhaps it was because they are working in Japan at this time of the year, but there were none at all. I was the only Japanese. And there were no other Asians either. I couldn’t find any Koreans or Chinese at all. It was really an interesting sight.

At the night market, there was a lot of food for sale, including a dismembered crocodile. I thought it was really interesting, and headed back to my hotel.



Crocodiles for sale …


There are only Westerners in the hotel, as it should be! Really only Westerners! No Thais or Asians at all! So I was a bit caught off my guard.

It was as if I was “an introvert in a high school where only diplomatic people exist”.

Moreover, there was loud music playing, everyone was playing in groups at the pool, there was a bar outside, and everyone was dancing. It really was a club scene.

Really, I didn’t know how to behave because I am a shy Japanese person. Fortunately, I was able to check in and the staff asked me, “Are you really Japanese? You speak very good English.” That made me happy.



Take a walk to Khao San Road. Mac is actually rich.

My accommodation was in the middle of Khao San Road, so as soon as I left the hostel, I was on Khao San Road. There were many food stalls there, and the crowd was unbelievable. All of them were Westerners.



Walk a short distance from Khao San Road.


I was still not used to Thailand, so I just walked around and let my body get used to it. It really takes a lot of courage to travel alone, and it is also very mentally demanding. You need to be able to adapt to everything. But that excitement is the proof that I am growing, and I think it is a good stimulus. That’s why I’m willing to take the plunge.