After leaving Thailand, I finally arrived in KL!

After leaving Thailand, I finally arrived in KL!

I wake up early in the morning. The time is 5:30 in the morning. I went to bed three hours ago. I take a shower and get ready for my flight. Since I am flying with Scoot Airlines, I will go to Singapore once and then to Malaysia. Scoot is one of the best LCCs because they allow up to 10 kg of baggage.

I think it is the best plane. So I had to go to the airport early in the morning.

I said bye bye to Vera and left the hotel. The train line to the airport is just 10 minutes away from the hotel, so it was really close. I walked to the train station. It was 6:00 in the morning, but the city was so lively. Everyone wakes up early in the morning, prepares meals, and goes to work. It was really amazing.

At a food stall, there were some bento-like dishes for 40 baht (160 yen), which were fried rice with sausage on top, so I bought it. I ate it across the pedestrian crossing and went to the train to the airport. The ticket was 50 baht. Omg. Just in time.



I’m so glad I had a hotel deposit. In Thailand, I am surprised that there are still so many places where credit cards are not accepted in a cash society. Completely cash culture.

I arrived at the airport in about 20 minutes, and from there we checked in safely and completed passport control in Bangkok. Next stop was Malaysia.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t a window seat on the plane to Singapore, so I had to take an aisle seat. However, I think it is very comfortable. When there is someone next to me, I feel crushed in the window seat, but in the aisle seat, I feel more open.



Arrive at Changi Airport, Singapore

Arrived at Changi Airport safely! It had been a really long time. It was the first airport I used when I went to Georgia, so it was also the first airport I used when I traveled abroad alone for the first time. I felt really nostalgic. I remembered the structure of the airport and knew where the restaurant area was, so I went there right away and ordered a chicken and rice set for 750 yen, which was not that expensive. 750 yen, not that expensive.



Then, there was also A&W, so I bought that as well for 250 yen. So the total cost was 1,000 yen. Well, I guess that’s cheap for an airport.

While I was waiting at the airport, I was working on a banner for a project, but I really felt sleepy. It might be the limit of my physical strength.



Go to the boarding gate for my next flight

The boarding gate at Changi Airport has two baggage checks, perhaps because of the double boarding gates for each aircraft, even after immigration. So, even if you buy a bottle of water after immigration, you have to go through another baggage check just before immigration.

What a strange airport. It is one of the world’s leading hub airports, and I was surprised at how strict the security is.

Then, I departed from Singapore without incident!



Arrive safely in Malaysia

Finally, I arrived in Malaysia.



Malaysia has many hijab-wearing women, perhaps because they are Muslim. Most of them look like that. But it was very interesting.

Totally different world.
Because I was hungry anyway, I had a chicken rice set at a nearby restaurant.

The moment I left the airport, there was a place where I could buy a SIM card.



What a surprise, it was like an airport and a shopping mall combined, so many restaurants lined up there like a shopping street. I wondered about prices, and I think they are definitely cheaper than in Japan. Probably about the same as in Thailand. But Kuala Lumpur is really developed and there are so many buildings, but the prices are so low that it was really unbelievable. A set of rice was about 600 yen. I think this is cheap.



Take the Express Train to my hostel

Using the Express Train, which costs about 1,500 yen, I arrive at the station in the center of Malaysia. I was actually going to take a bus, but it became too much of a hassle, so I went with the Express Train. The view from there was really beautiful. As the sun was setting, I left the forest of palm oil trees and headed for the city.



As I move toward the center of the city, there are more and more buildings. The city of Kuala Lumpur is very, very big. The land area of Malaysia is normal, but most of the population is in Kuala Lumpur.

And what is surprising is the population density. It is too low. There are no people! Even though it is the central station, there are no people at all. Even though it was 8 o’clock at night. So, it was unbelievable.

After arriving at the central station, I went to a bank ATM to withdraw Malaysian Ringgit. I completed withdrawing 320 ringgit there.




Then I would take the local train to the nearest station and then walk to where I would be staying.



Arrive at the place to stay

The place to stay is on one floor of a residence, which is as Malaysian as it gets. There were many nationalities, mostly from Southeast Asia, some German, some Russian. They really came from all over the place. In order to go to the residence, I had to talk to the guard and ask him to call the owner of the hostel. The guards seemed to like Japan, so he talked to me in a very friendly way.



The accommodations were not exactly clean, but they were fine. Thanks to the Russian dorms, I had really gotten used to it. There are bowflies, ants, and odd insects under the sinks. There were disgusting, swarming bow flies. It was a very unpleasant feeling of filthiness. But it was understandable. I was used to it.

I was very sleepy, so I bought water, A&W, and two onigiri (rice balls) at a nearby supermarket and ate them at the accommodation.



I was surprised at how friendly everyone was. They told me that they were currently traveling and that if I wanted to go somewhere, I should talk to them. When the Filipino guy knew I am Japanese, he immediately greeted me in simple Japanese. I was so impressed by how kind everyone was.

I decided to sleep on the bed.