First time to live in a residence! Afternoon chatting with a Vietnamese girl at a café

First time to live in a residence! Afternoon chatting with a Vietnamese girl at a café

Today is move-in day. I get up in the morning, hurry to get my stuff packed, and get ready in time for the 12:00 check-out. After checking out, I kill some time at a nearby Starbucks. I read a book with the e-book I brought with me then, and upload the blog I wrote yesterday.



First Residence Life

The place I checked in was a large building rising in a really upscale neighborhood. I chose it because I wanted to use Airbnb and wanted to stay somewhere with a pool and a gym, and to my surprise it was a really high-end apartment building. There is a security guard at the entrance and a receptionist. The elevator has 41 buttons, and you hold up your card key to go up.



At first I didn’t have a key card, so they called directly to my room and summoned the elevator so I could go to the 20th floor without a card. This was a great surprise. I thought, “I have another dream, I want to live in a luxury apartment in the future.” But not just any apartment, but one with a bed close to the window, with a beautiful view, and no buildings nearby. In other words, I really wanted to live by the sea or in a place where there were no buildings standing or planned to be built.

When I was shown to my room, I found that the kitchen, toilet, and shower were shared, and only one room was individual. The kitchen was very well equipped, with an oversized protein package in the kitchen. He seems that he live with his friend and when some guest booked here, one of his friend leave here and lend to the guest. So it was really like living with a roommate.

I see. I had never experienced anything like this before, so it was really a new experience for me, and I think I learned a lot. Of course, I had lived with three people in Russia, but it was different from that. It was totally different from with a student and with a 27 year old. It was really strange too. The view was very beautiful. There was a swimming pool downstairs, and the buildings towered over the windows. But even here, I would have preferred not to see any buildings. I thought it would be more comfortable.



Since then, there were many things that I did not know how to use. For example, are the pools and gyms open 24 hours a day, or how do you get hot water when the bathrooms only run water? How do you use the washing machine? There were many such various things I didn’t know, so I asked him a lot of questions and he taught me.



From 5:00 p.m., we chatted with the girls we met at Bumble at the café

Today is also a day to meet new people. So I went to the center by grab bike and I met a girl at Bumble the other day and we decided to go one cafe at 5pm to talk about anything. I arrived at 5:00 p.m., but she said she was going to arrive at 5:30 p.m. and would be late because of some problem. I had done this kind of thing before, so I was fine with it. When I arrived at the cafe, I was really sick because of the cold temperature difference and the sugar in the coffee. I felt nauseous and had a headache.



I wondered how everyone was able to live a normal life. I wondered if Southeast Asia might not be the right place for me. Then Chi-san arrived. She was wearing a red skirt and white shirt. She was a true geek. She spoke very fast and her voice was so quiet I couldn’t hear her 90% of the time. First of all, she had communication problems. Plus, I felt uncomfortable listening to her voice, which further contributed to my nausea. I’m really sorry, but I have super sensitive ears and am very sensitive to sounds I don’t like. So, I got a headache. With little to no communication, we decided to walk to a different cafe. The place was not air-conditioned, so it was too hot to do anything.



On our way to the cafe, she told me that she studied English in college and now works in customer service for a travel agency. Besides, she likes to watch cute anime, and in Ghibli, she likes Neko no Ongaeshi. I thought that was really minor.

By the time we arrived at the cafe, we were both sweating. Strangely enough, she was sweating a lot even though she was Vietnamese. It was as if her makeup was already coming off. I thought to myself, “Why does she have to wear so much makeup?” I don’t think it’s necessary to wear a lot of makeup on a date. I want to see her face as it is.

When we arrived at the café, I asked for a glass of water, but she ordered me the same thing she ordered herself, something very sweet. I paid, but she didn’t want to pay at all. I think she is probably a girlie-girl person. When we were talking in the cafe, I could hardly drink the drink. It was too sweet. I hate sweet drinks because they make me fat.
There was a cake there, too, because it came free of charge, but it smelled bad.

We were talking about languages. She told me that she had met three Japanese people so far and that my English was the best. So I was very happy to hear that. Chi-san also spoke very fluent English, which I thought was great, but her voice was so quiet that I couldn’t hear her at all even in a quiet café.

I was so tired and my brain was so tired that Chi suggested that we have dinner. Since I was hungry too, we decided to eat. I was looking for a restaurant, but all the places Chi suggested had dollar signs on them and were very expensive. I was thinking that she would definitely not pay, and I was thinking that she was trying to take advantage of our date to take me to an expensive, high-end restaurant. I don’t have a lot of money either, so I told her I was sorry, but that I have a bad stomach and can’t eat a lot, so we decided to go to the restaurant I suggested that had a 2400 rating.



We decided to take a cab and she paid

The place we arrived at was right in the middle of Bui Vien Street. We enter the restaurant with club music blaring. She ordered coconut water and I ordered water, and we shared a meal. I didn’t know what to order, so I just ordered what looked good.

The dish that came out was not a main course, but something like fried chicken, but it was very tasty. I don’t remember much of the conversation I had with Chi. Her voice was too quiet and she talked too fast. She apparently likes idols such as AKB and Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid fame.



But here, too, I made a big discovery. I had always avoided these types of people. But now that I have had the experience of actually meeting and spending time with her.

Once again, I felt that this type of person is not a good match for me at all. I don’t fit in with people who talk too fast, have small voices, dress like “the girl who dependent on people and anime-like, worry about small things, and like Vocaloid and anime. I was able to reaffirm this. Thanks to her, I discovered myself. I am truly grateful.

I had a stomach ache and a headache, so I told Chi that I wanted to leave after I finished eating.



We were approaching a park and had a little chat on a bench there. She was apparently an introvert and an INFP. Also INFP; it was too strange. (Cause every time I met is basically INFP)

I asked her how Japanese and Vietnamese are different, and we talked about how Koreans and Japanese speak English better. I told her that Koreans and Japanese speak English better than Japanese.

I was told that Vietnamese are more open, while Japanese tend to be more conservative. I also heard that Koreans speak English better than Japanese. He told me such stories.

At the end of the day, I called a Grab and rode home.

I made a great discovery today. By meeting not only with people who seem to fit with you, but also with people like this, you can discover something new about yourself, something you did not know before. I think this is a great growth and discovery.