I meet the most amazing barista ever

I meet the most amazing barista ever

Today, I woke up this morning and decided to get my luggage ready as soon as possible. Today is flight day to KL.

Flight days are common when I travel. But I always get very stressed when I have a flight in common.

As I was packing up my luggage, the hostel manager was very friendly and asked me, “Are you Japanese? What do you usually do? Where did you go? How old are you?” He talked to me a lot. They are really friendly, which I really appreciate, and it makes me very happy.

But I couldn’t really concentrate on the conversation because I was packing my baggage. He is 21 years old and graduated from university after studying for 1.5 years. I thought he graduated from college very quickly. So he asked me about my Instagram and we exchanged. I wish I had the courage to be brave enough to say let’s exchange instagrams like he did. I still get nervous and wait for the right moment to say “Let’s exchange instagrams”.



Order my favorite Ayam Penyet at a Malay restaurant near the hostel

To my surprise, I found a Malay restaurant near the hostel that opened at 7:00 in the morning. I went there and found my favorite Ayam Penyet and decided to order it. I waited for about 10 minutes while watching “smart news” which is famous japanese news media to see what was going on in the world, but it didn’t come at all. I asked to look into the kitchen, and one waiter told me to wait a moment and came out at that moment.



As for the taste, it was not very good. I think it was probably the worst Malay food I have ever eaten. The rice was plain rice with no buttery flavor at all, and there was no fried tofu, as there should be in Ayam Penyet, but instead fried eggplant or some kind of vegetable seeds. So I ate the chicken and rice anyway and quickly paid the bill. It was 12 ringgit ($3), so OK.



Then I walked to the post office and successfully completed the postage

I walked to the post office. I was able to safely drop off the postcard with the stamps and message I bought yesterday. I hope it will be delivered to the hair salon. I think it’s really interesting. I don’t think she would have expected to receive a letter from overseas lol.



Check out and go to Starbucks!

After checking out of the hostel, I decided to go to Starbucks, hoping to meet up with Barista, who I became friends with on the first day.

I wondered if he would be there today! I was so lucky.



So I decided to order coffee with a siphon this time as well as the last time. He remembered me too and seemed very happy. He asked me, “What are you doing today?” and I told him that I had a flight to catch today.

I told him I had a flight to KL, and he said, “What are you going to do after that? I told him I was going to Jakarta, then to Bali, and then to surf. He has a very calm personality, but I felt a mixture of shyness, pride, and warmth. Especially, I think he is very warm.



The Starbucks cup had a message for me


So I thought he has a very warm personality, and it was a moment when I was glad to have met him. I think there is warmth in the coffee he makes. I felt that.



After he made me coffee, we had a photo shoot together. Before that, he had the courage to ask me about my Instagram and we were able to exchange. I had always wanted to exchange instagrams with him, so I was happy to be able to do so. We also had the photo shoot I had hoped for, and at the right time, I took out my notebook and asked him to write a message for me.



He wrote very long sentences and decorated it in many ways, as if he was a designer. It made my travel book even more attractive.

From then on, I was upstairs writing this journal, printing photos to thank him, writing messages, etc.



Really, I’m glad I produced business cards in Japan and bought a Kodak printing press. It shows its power at times like this. I don’t often have this kind of opportunity, but when I do, it happens. That’s why I’m really happy.



To Kota Kinabalu Airport! Then, head to KL

Finally, it was time to leave my beloved Kota Kinabalu. I took a cab to the airport.

Kota Kinabalu Airport is the closest airport to the city that I have ever traveled to, and I could have walked there. Like Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Kota Kinabalu is a small city, and I could have arrived there on foot. A cab ride to the airport cost only 270 yen.

I was able to check in and I said, “If possible, I would like a window seat,” and the person who checked me in gave me a Priority seat, on the 5th floor!
It was the first time for me to use such a seat, and since I had paid for and reserved a window seat in advance all the time before, I learned that such a lucky thing can happen when you say so at the counter without making a reservation.



This was also thanks to Cici, who apparently always asks at the counter for her seat to be on the window side. So I did exactly that and got really lucky. I am really lucky. Thank you.

What I learned is that listening to other good people’s opinions is good luck.



This time, I faithfully followed what I learned from Cici, and instead of reserving a seat in advance, I told the counter that I wanted a window seat. I did that, and it made for such a wonderful experience.

And after faithfully listening and acting on the “true adventure” that Sufi taught me, I fell in love with Kota Kinabalu, made many friends, and was able to live a wild life as a traveler alone in the countryside, which I had never experienced before.
Then, I left Kota Kinabalu without incident!



I really think this is also the result of fate bringing us together.



Arrive in KL! Take a bus to the city center and go to the hostel

Arrival at KL! What a surprise, I arrived in 2 hours and 30 minutes. I think it took about 4 hours on the way there.

Is it because it is against the earth’s rotation? I don’t know about that, but the flight was quick as usual. Then I arrived in KL, got my luggage safely, and went to a nostalgic restaurant, the same restaurant I went to when I first came to KL, ordered the same butter chicken set, and ate it at the same table. It’s really delicious and I think it tastes very nostalgic.



Then I bought a bus ticket, which I was able to successfully purchase for 15 ringgit, which will take me to KL Center Station for 450 yen!



Happenings are common when traveling

As usual, there are often happenings when I go on a trip. I bought a ticket from KL Center station to the nearest station to the residence where I would be staying today, but apparently I needed to change trains, so I went to the station where I needed to change trains, but apparently I didn’t reach that station and the last stop was on the way. So I went back to the transfer point, but eventually that section of the train was under construction, so shortly afterwards I chose to take a cab to the residence. It really doesn’t make sense, and only on the last night, these happenings happen.



I finally arrived at the residence, received the key and arrived. So, there was something eerie about the residence, and I imagined that it might be haunted or haunted by ghosts. I’m sure it was. I don’t usually feel such things, but the fact that I felt it when I was taking a shower made me think that there must be a ghost.

I went to the convenience store on the fourth floor, bought a sandwich and chips for the evening meal, and returned to my room. I couldn’t get the key to open the door at all, and after trying several times, it finally opened. I left my bag and key in the room and went to the living room to watch Got Talent on high volume. After a while, a man came out from a different room and asked me to turn down the volume because it was too loud. Oh my gosh, I didn’t know there were other people in the room. It was really quiet, like a haunted house in some horror movie, so the air was very heavy, but it was good that there were people there. It would have been even better if the person was not a ghost.



Strange things happen often

Then I tried to go back to my room, but to my surprise it was locked from the inside and I couldn’t get in. This was just creepy. I wondered why the door was automatically locked the moment I closed it, even though the key was inside. And it was something with a keyhole, not a card key or anything. That’s why it was so terrifying. When it was past midnight, I chanted Namu Amidabutsu over and over again, calling out to God for help.

Namu Amidabutsu. Namu Amidabutsu. Please open the door. I told to the ghost “I know you want to be naughty, but I have a flight tomorrow. Please.”



Then, to my surprise, a man came out again from a different room and I asked him to help me and lend me his key. But of course, if his key opened it, that was scary. Then he tried to help me with a plastic bottle, cut it, inserted it into the keyhole and tried to open it with it.

At that moment, I had contacted the owner via what’s app, so his helper came and brought me a spare key. How…terrifying. God help me. It really is a mysterious force at work, isn’t it? I think there is a mysterious power in the world that cannot be proven by science. I think God must have given him and the owner’s helper some kind of sense, or inspired them to see the message. It is really mysterious. Thank you God.

Finally, I went to sleep.