McDonald's in Georgia!

Go to McDonald’s in Georgia! More expensive than in Japan!

Today, I woke up at 11:00 in the morning. Living in a basement room with no sunlight at all makes me realize how hard it is to feel the morning. I really need the sun. Even though I wake up naturally, I feel really tired.
I woke up, took a shower, and had a banana and yesterday’s leftover muscat for breakfast today. I think it’s really good for my body to make breakfast a fruit life. Fruits, especially grapes, are really cheap. Bananas are very expensive. I feel that the reason why grapes are cheap is probably because Georgia has abundant vineyards because of wine.


Happening because it’s overseas

Then, when I tried to open a link to a WordPress project sent to me by a client, it wouldn’t open! Why? I replied to the director that it wouldn’t open. Then I started working on another coding project. While I was working on that, the director called me and told me that there is a mechanism that automatically blocks access from overseas because I live overseas. That’s why I can’t use it. So I had to buy NodoVPN with a one-year contract. Another expense…. Oh no!
So, after those settings were done, I finally got the VPN working, accessed WordPress, and made some small changes. Then, coding for another matter. It’s so hard to do because the designer is so messed up. Well, but it can’t be helped. The world won’t turn if I keep talking excuses like that.


Meet one person on Tinder

From 2:30 p.m., I had a hearing for a project for which I was in charge of the crucial design and coding. However, the client seemed to have forgotten about it, and it was eventually rejected and rescheduled. In the meantime, I was still communicating on Tandem and Tinder, and I met someone. I met this person on Tinder and we matched and corresponded with each other. At first we know 16personalities, she is ENSP and I am ENFP. So we decided to exchange Instagrams to see if she is a good match and she suddenly directed me to her another account. Her real account and her actual another real account, totally different. The front and back sides were so different lol. But I was very happy. She led me to the real account out of the blue, and the truth is, she usually don’t reply to contacts she get from Tinder, but she replied because I seem like a nice guy. So when I heard about this, I was so happy. She said she was a college student and a Java engineer. She also said she works for a bank in Georgia. Then we talked about wine and Hachapuri in Georgia. I came to Georgia for knowing culture, eating khachapuri, and drinking wine. Now I’m on an adventure. When I told her that, she said she didn’t like Khachapuri so much because she used to eat it at home so often that it came out three times a day lol. That’s right. That’s because she is Georgian. And she also watched a little bit of Japanese anime. But I was surprised that she had never heard of Studio Ghibli. But she knew about Naruto and Death Note. I had never seen any of them, not even for a moment. We talked like that for about 30 minutes on Instagram. But it was so fun. At the end, she mentioned that maybe we could go to a Georgian restaurant together, so of course I agree! So we decided to go and she decided to check it out. I was so happy. Really, if it were possible, I would be very happy. Then she asked me where I lived. I sent her a screenshot of where I live, and she said, “You live in a really nice place! But I live in a basement and there is no light, so it’s very gloomy. But she said she lives in a very rural area and could never live in the center of town. That’s because there are a lot of Russians here, so it’s hard to find a house. That’s too bad.


Go to McDonald’s in Georgia!

So that’s what we talked about. When it came to meeting reschedule, I decided to go to McDonald’s. I start walking around town, wondering if it would be crowded at this time of the day.

The heart of the city. Beautiful!

The heart of the city. Beautiful!

I’m still not used to it, or I’m nervous. Everyone looks really serious and not many people are smiling. I wonder why. I wonder if it is only the Japanese who always have a cheerful expression on their faces. Compared to Japan, I get the feeling that Japanese people really don’t have a sense of crisis. It’s like they are light. Also, in Georgia, people don’t really care about other people, and they walk with a face that says they are just trying their best to survive. They walk very fast. It is no wonder people say that Japan is lagging behind. People are really too relaxed.
I also think that unless the atmosphere becomes more bleak like this, there will be no revolution.
McDonald’s had a touch panel system where you order your food. It is exactly the same system as in Russia. However, the price is explosively different. I thought it would be cheaper, but it was not cheap at all. The L-set meal (chicken filet, fries, and juice) cost 15 lari, or 855 yen. Now, of course, I think the weak yen has a great impact on the price, but I still felt that it was expensive. I was a little shocked, because the weak yen has really had a huge impact.
Today I had to do some coding. When I could walk to my house to buy something, I put on my Apple Airpods and listened to music. There are a lot of young people here, so I was wondering if we could become friends. I realized that the presence of people is too important. When I arrived home, I ate McDonald’s. It’s so good!

 McDonald's in Georgia!

McDonald’s in Georgia!

Eating chicken for the first time in a long time. And potatoes for the first time in a long time. Everything was really delicious. The fries were especially good. The waitress may have been in a hurry, so the amount of fries was not enough. It was a pity, but it was the first time in a long time to enjoy the universal taste of McDonald’s. I’d like to try Kentucky next time. Okay, I’ll go there tomorrow.
After eating MacDonalds, I started coding. It’s very hard to do, but I’m trying my best. I’ll try to finish it by tomorrow. It’s getting late at night. I drank last night’s wine and went to bed.