Cooking frozen Khinkali in the morning! And buy tickets to France!

Cooking frozen Khinkali in the morning!

I make frozen hinkory from the grocery store!

Today, I woke up and cooked the Khinkali. To cook Khingkali, I first used Google Translate to decipher how to make it on the back and understood that salt is added to boiling water, then the Khingkali is soaked for 10 minutes, garnished with pepper and done. Surprisingly easy! I thought.

Cook the Khinkali!

Cook the Khinkali!

Then I cooked it as described and ate it with pepper and it was so good. I thought to myself, If this frozen food tastes this good, I’m going to buy more of it and make more of it in the future.Also,I could write an article about “which frozen Khinkali is the best”.




Buy Flights to France

Today I bought a ticket to France for 36,000 yen. I thought it was a bit expensive, but it was for a flight on December 26th, so it make sense. But I’m really glad that I managed to buy it.
Today, I’ve been working hard on coding project. I am getting used to coding in this environment with only MacBook Pro without second Desktop PC. And I spent the evening studying English and French. I didn’t go out once today for the first time in a while.


Late Night Introspection

I learned something important from a Youtube video. Give. Don’t be a taker, be a giver. Anyway, giving is very, very important. Sometimes, this kind of introspection is essential. Always ask yourself, is this choice ok, what could be improved today, etc. Then I learned that the environment is very important. It seems that the environment definitely influences us, so it is essential to dive into the environment, even if it makes us more anxious. That’s what I thought. So, by living alone in Georgia to train abroad, it is a very good experience because I am sure that I will be influenced by the environment and will gain more foreign skills.
I also noticed that after living in France for two years, I absolutely have a French personality and look and feel like a French person. Surroundings are really important. And the friends you get involved with. People are determined by their surroundings. No doubt. So the question is, “Which country do you find attractive? And if you decide that, then you can jump into it. If New York is very attractive, you can live in New York and associate with New Yorkers, and your looking, thinking, mind-set, and feeling will be like a New Yorker.
I’ve only been here for a week, so I’m still steeped in the Japanese atmosphere and mindset, but definitely after a few months, I’ll be in a foreign mindset and behave will change. I will be more confident. No doubt about it. I’ll live a more bleak life, take care of myself, and always think about myself. Right now, I’m still embarrassed to take selfies or worry about what other people think of me in the supermarket or something like that, so perhaps this will change with habituation. Okay, I can do it. I’ll be fine.