I walk the earth under the beautiful sunset.

Today I work remotely at a cafe all day. I walk the earth under the beautiful sunset.

Working remotely at a cafe all day today

Today, I woke up at 2:30 in the morning. Sometimes I go to bed at 5:00 AM or so, so I wake up this late. I decided to take a shower and do some coding work at a cafe today.When I step outside, the weather is really nice today.Very comfortable. So I go to the cafe I visited the other day. It is actually a cafe for remote workers on the first floor of the hotel.


When I went to the cafe, the guy from the other day was there again and today I ordered FLATWHITE. He asked me at the checkout, “How are you feeling?”. He was so kind. I wondered if he is Georgian. He remembered me, and I was really happy that he remembered me even though I had only been there once.

From then on, I was doing coding work there all the time. With listening to jazz. When I was coding, there was almost no one in this cafe, so that I wondered. It was so strange. I wondered why there were so many people outside but no one inside, so I opened Google Maps and found that it is a hotel. So it was the first floor of a hotel. No wonder there were no people at all lol. I felt so out of place.

Working at the Cafe

Working at the Cafe

There were more staff than customers, and they were decorating for Halloween. I thought to myself, “Oh, Halloween is in two days…”. I was sitting at a table, the only one coding, and I felt kind of out of place because everyone around me was doing all kinds of things, like wearing costumes, decorating, and so on, really. But it was fun, so I just concentrated and stayed for about 3 hours.


Amazing how popular McDonald’s is in Georgia.

In the evening I decided to go to McDonald’s because I hadn’t had McDonald’s in a long time. After a lot of walking, I finally arrived there, but there were about 20 people waiting there, which was really too bad because it was so popular. I hate waiting, so I decided to leave the place immediately.

I remembered that there was a nice restaurant in the park on the other side of the river when I was walking the other day, so I decided to walk across from a different bridge to see if I could go there. On the way there, I ran out of sidewalks and almost ran into a car, so I decided to not go there and went back the way I came and finally bought French fries and spinach bread at the usual supermarket and went home to do the rest of my coding.


Time for the usual introspection


On the walk, the night view was really romantic and very beautiful.It was beautiful. I felt so lucky to be able to come to a beautiful place like this, to live here on my own, to be able to walk, to have adventures, and to see beautiful scenery.Of course, I really miss being alone. I still don’t have any friends I can talk to in a congenial way, which is really sad, but I chose to do that.

From the bridge. Linear symmetry is beautiful.

From the bridge. Linear symmetry is beautiful.

I will continue to be more open minded and have more fun. The night was finally over and I made pasta with leftover ham, pasta, and eggs for the evening. It tasted okay.
Now that I have more time, I want to participate in many activities.

I’m going to use Facebook and various apps to gather information about events, and as Estelle said, I’m going to use Facebook to gather lots of information. It’s all up to me.