With the French Club

Join the French Club for the first time! French only!! OMG!!

I couldn’t go because I was afraid of the lady at the supermarket.

Today, I woke up at 12:00 in the morning. I was very hungry, so I went to the supermarket to buy something anyway. I wanted to go to the deli section because I wanted to eat French fries, but I got a little upset because I saw the lady who got angry with me the other day. So I ended up seeing what was going on but didn’t have the courage to go there, so I decided not to go this time and bought only water and wine.

I bought red wine and the name is AKHASHENI. I always pay attention to the price at the supermarket, but when I look at the receipt, it is always a bit higher than the price on the price list, which is very strange. Am I being overcharged because I am a foreigner? That always makes me feel a bit nervous.


I found a very comfortable cafe.

Today, for the first time in a while, I decided to change my mind and go to a cafe. I was trying to figure out which cafe to go to and decided to go to a cafe I found on my last walking adventure. I put my computer in my purple backpack for the first time in a while and headed to the cafe. The sun was really shining today and it felt good.

When I arrived, there were about a really nice average number of people, not too many. Inside is a really big, big cafe, really open and easy to spend time in. I thought the outside terrace was nice, but decided to go inside. I really always wonder if you order at the counter or if you just sit down and the waiter comes to you, I have no idea. I took my seat, but the waiter didn’t show up, so I decided to go to the counter and order.


Arrived at the cafe! Inside is an amazingly nice space.

So I said to the waitress, “Can I order?” and ordered a cappuccino, 9 lal. That’s almost 500 yen. I thought it was a bit expensive, but it was OK if I thought it was the cost of the place.I opened my computer and designed my own blog site and did some simple work on hourly projects. I looked around and saw many people working on their computers. The doors of this café were like those of an American hotel, and the atmosphere was very upscale. So I could hear English very well. Also, the people working there were all IT people. They were making phone calls in Russian, so I thought that there must be Russian IT specialists here.

Working with Cappuccino

Working with Cappuccino

Come to think of it, I don’t like going to restaurants alone. It’s so lonely. Even when I go to a café, I imagine what would happen if I couldn’t order properly. I was never able to go to a restaurant alone when I was in Japan or in Russia, so I feel like I’m being held back. So it is very difficult to find the right balance between the two.

It is difficult to be communicative and smile. When I try to be communicative, I make myself up. I am still accustomed to Japan and have not been able to leave Japan. I need to internationalize my personality more and more. I thought so.


Worked there for about 3 hours.

I looked at my phone and saw a message from Nuraln, whom I met in Tandem. I was actually supposed to meet Nurlan today, but since I was mentally exhausted, I decided to pass on it. Then, sure enough, he remembered and sent me a link and said, “Let’s meet here! I was like, “OMG,,,. He remember me.” It was a Facebook group called “French language club”. So, it seems to be a place where people who are learning French gather.

I was really scared to suddenly go to a place where many people would come and meet him for the first time. I wanted to at least meet him somewhere and get to know him, but I was really nervous about suddenly going there. But I thought, “This is it. This is the time to stride and challenge myself.

When I was in Osaka, I went to a party invited by a girl from an online salon I belonged to and turned back at the entrance. Such a nonsense. And when I was studying abroad in Russia, I was afraid to go to English Club alone at first.

But today is almost the same. Above that. Abroad, alone, language only French, meeting strangers for the first time, entering a restaurant terrace. This was bad. Too high. Besides, I was sweating under my arms. I wiped it off with an alcohol sheet I had brought with me. But it was the only way to connect with people. I’ll get over it, if I can. If I could, I would get over it, I would grow up. That’s what I told myself.


Finally, I moved. My hands and feet kept moving.

Then I automatically closed my computer, left the cafe, walked home, changed into a sweater-like outfit because it was cold, wiped my armpits, and got ready to leave the house.

I walked there. While walking, I listened to my favorite music and heartwarming jazz to enhance the French atmosphere, and always kept the corners of my mouth up and smiling. It just naturally makes you happy, doesn’t it? Then, finally, I was almost there. In my heart, I wanted him to pick me up outside. I felt embarrassed to go there suddenly, so about five minutes before I arrived, I said, “Hey, hey, I’m a little lost. Can you come to outside? “. But before I knew it, I was listening to music and walking along, and I passed by the place and ended up there.

Metis bar where the French Club is held

Metis bar where the French Club is held

So I sent him a message and said, “I’m here! I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance!” I sent him a message.Outside the restaurant was a French-like terrace with a man playing a piano. Truly a great place! Rather, it was more fun than nerve-wracking, and healing.

The man was playing a song from the Soviet era, so I was a bit impressed and took a video of him. So, as I was waiting for his reply, and after 3 minutes later, he told me to enter and go up and come inside. Seriously. That means they are already inside the restaurant. If I say, “I don’t know, so come outside,” they would look me like an chicken . So I had no choice but to go.


I walked into the restaurant and…

I was already set aside this problem and went inside. The door was a really big door. It was immeasurably different from the automatic doors we have in Japan. It was a very solid door. I think it is lighter than the door of the room where Master Koopa is in Koopa Castle. When I entered the restaurant, I found many people enjoying their meals, but there was no terrace anywhere, so I wondered where it was. I told clerk that I am from a French language club, and she showed me to the terrace.

And then I climb up there and go to ・・・・. This is the most nerve-wracking part. Because that place is whre you can see everyone or not. The stairs are steep. Once you climb up, there is no turning back. Because when you look down, everyone can see me from the inside because of the glass wall. Aaaaah. I had no choice but to climb. So I climbed up.

There were about 8 people there talking, so I went over to talk to them and found Nurlan and in English I said, “Are you French language club? And he said, “Yes! Come on! I sat down in an empty seat. I was very nervous.


I got over it! That’s great! I did it!

Everyone was there, many young and old. With the orange lights on, I took my seat. First of all, ahhh! Yes!!! I’m here!!! I made it through !!!!

Water ordered at a restaurant

Water ordered at a restaurant

After arriving at my seat, I first spoke with the person next to me. Apparently, she is Asian. Everyone is already speaking French, and there was no indication that I was allowed to speak English at all, so I just used all the French I had learned in the last 6 months. Yes, I outputed a lot. I was talking in French with the Asian girl next to me who is about the same age as me. She and her boyfriend were next to me. I decided to talk with her since she seemed to be free.


French only. I did my best what I have learned in 6 months of study.

First of all, where are you from? I asked her in French, which was probably correct. So she says something, but I couldn’t quite understand her saying, and probably I noticed that I heard something like “J’imgine que”. I thought, “Oh, imagine is French for guess!” So, I was like, maybe China, Korea, and Japan, but they were all different. When I asked her to give me a hint, she said countries that use Latin, so I said, “What? Bhutan?

So, Vietnam? She said you’re right! I was right. Vietnamese! I thought she looked Japanese, to tell the truth. Then again, she had studied French in college for four years, so she could speak French, but apparently English was not her strong point. Her boyfriend had lived in Japan for a year and spoke Japanese, Russian, French, English, and Spanish.


Here comes a very famous Japanese guy in Georgia!

A little later, a Japanese person arrived. I was too far away to talk to him directly, but he had lived in Georgia for 6 years and is fluent in Georgian, Russian, Japanese, English, French, and Chinese. Too much lol. On my left came Tom later. He is German. And in front of me was Anna, a Georgian who can speak various regional languages. She is 40 years old, and Tom is about 40 years old. They were all quite old. I was the youngest.


Meet Vincent

So, about halfway through, the couple switched seats, and to my right came her boyfriend. I had a very, very long talk with him. I asked him where he is from and he asked me to guess. And he said, “Well, I’m from a French-speaking country so I try to guess and answered “Belgium? Switzerland? Liechtenstein? Monaco?” But he told me I was wrong lol. They are surprised that I know Liechtenstein.

Then, far away? Is it close to France? I asked him, and he said it is very far. I thought, “Canada is the only place I can think,” and I said, “Montreal, Canada! He said yes!

That’s how we spoke in French the whole time. Somehow, he would speak slowly so I could understand him. That made me really happy. And when I tried to ask him questions in English, he told me I couldn’t speak English, so I had no choice but to speak in French. It was really like a social gathering, where we switched seats and talked with many different people. Everyone was in a really good mood.

Then he said he had lived in Japan, so I asked him where did he live in Japan. I also asked him what his favorite food is, what his favorite food is, and he said ramen. And he apparently worked for a non-profit organization. And he is fluent in Japanese, so when I didn’t understand him, I could speak in Japanese and he could understand me just fine, which is amazing. He also told me that Coco Ichi’s curry is good because you can specify the spiciness level. I don’t like spicy food, so I can only have it one spicy. lol

He told me that he apparently can eat spicy food and his Vietnamese girlfriend adds a lot of spicy spices at home.
I was getting cold on the way there, so he brought me a blanket. I thought that he is really kind. I also talked with a guy who said he loved Japanese manga and was learning Japanese. He and I were seated far from each other, but we talked from this distance. He said he likes “Attack of Titan” and the works of Hayao Miyazaki.


I’m having an amazing time.

And so to my topic. I’ve only studied French for 6 months, but everyone said to me that you’re so good! I am really happy. That’s all I can say! I wanted to say more emotion! Then I explained about Duolingo, which I am studying. I told them that Duolingo is really good because it helps you learn all the skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

So about an hour and a half passed. Some people were leaving.
Nuraln, who invited me, seemed very nice. We were seated far from each other, so I made eye contact, smiled, and eshakued. That was it. He left in the middle of the meeting. But thanks to him, I am really enjoying myself, so I can only thank him.


Communicate with a variety of people.

After that, Vincent asked me if I wanted to move around. So I moved over, and he introduced me to someone else. That person was a Georgian. I remember, I exchanged lines which is communication apps with him and he introduced me to a Russian language club and a French language group. On Monday, he said there is a Russian group at the same place, so I decided to go there too. He also told me that there is a Japanese and French only group that is remote and they do it every week. So I thought, “I’ll join there too.

The person he introduced me to spoke French so fast I couldn’t understand him. He said, “Where do I live? or “What is the population? I answered, “No, I don’t know anything about that,” and said Aichi Prefecture anyway. He told me he had been to Tokyo, so he showed me pictures of it.

Then there is Christopher next to me. He is from England and apparently speaks French and Russian as well. And in front of him on the right is a Slovakian. He is a JAVA engineer and works in Switzerland but comes here to work remotely. I told him that he is the same as me. I thought I was amazing because I was communicating this all conversation in French.


After all, 90% of anxiety doesn’t happen in real life. That means it’s okay! It’s okay.

I was impressed that I could understand so much without using English. After that, I was very tired from speaking French. I wanted to sleep. So I said I was leaving too. So I said, “Bye, bye, bye. He asked me if I want to come back next week. So, of course! I’ll be back next week! I said, “Sure! I looked at their faces and said, “Thank you! I paid for the water and left.

After I left the restaurant, there was still someone who had played the piano two hours earlier, and I thought about talking to him, but he started playing, so I stopped. But I realized that this is very important. If I had not closed my computer and taken the courageous step today, I would not have had this encounter, I would have felt lonely, and I would not have been able to escape the reality that I have not spoken to a foreigner in 9 months. But I got out today, and I also learned that there is a Russian language club on Mondays, and I can join it.


It’s really cool that foreigners can switch to Japanese.

I remember that when Vincent said he wanted to learn Georgian, I said, “I’m going to switch to Japanese for a while, because if we speak in French, they will understand.” and he suddenly said in fluent Japanese, “Georgian is spoken only in Georgia, so if you are only going to be there for two months, I think it would be better for you to learn Russian, which has many derivatives, than Georgian, because it is useless once you leave Georgia.” He said in Japanese. “I really think so,” I said in Japanese. I thought it was really cool that a foreigner could switch to Japanese so suddenly.

I can’t read the Georgian letter yet, so we were talking about that and how I want to be able to speak simple Georgian, and we were laughing at each other.
The importance of having the courage to take action, and the importance of talking to people. This is immeasurable. Just this one action can change your life drastically.

I ran on the way home. When I got home, I ate pasta. I was hungry. That’s how I felt. Today was the day I peeled off my shell. It was a day when I grew a lot.
AHHHH!!!I’m alive!!!!