The cost of the Halloween party was too much. Seriously..

The cost of the Halloween party was too much.

I got over it. Yeah!!

Today, I woke up early in the morning because I had a regular morning meeting. However, I was not sober, and my mood was not so good. My head hurt. And it was hot. Anyway, I drank some water on the table. Then I went back to bed. Then, because the meeting was about to start, I decided not to take a shower and just put on hair oil and was ready to go.

Today was a time for us to think together about what we want to do in the next five years and our vision. I really love this kind of time and had a lot of fun. But I was so drunk that my mind wasn’t working very well.

After the meeting, we took out the trash and went to the supermarket. I bought bacon, water, and lemonade.


Finally, a calm relationship with an angry supermarket lady.

Then I actually had a good thing happen today. I got over that. There was a lady who was pissed at me the other day.

There is a lady at the deli section of the supermarket, and I wanted French fries and spinach bread, so I tried my best to walk up to her. The lady is Georgian, so she did not use English at all, but only Russian. I then used more polite Russian and finally said “Madrova” (thank you) in Georgian. Then the lady responded normally, and I thought she even smiled a little. That made me very happy.

I went grocery shopping and when I got home I had French fries and some spinach bread. It was really good, but the lemonade just tasted a little different. It wasn’t the basil lemonade I had imagined, which was a bit of a shock. But it was just as good as usual.


I’m feeling a little tired from yesterday.

I felt sick after that and decided to take a nap because I was very exhausted. I went to bed at 12 noon, and when I woke up, it was over 18:00. I slept a lot. After that, I got up, ate some granola, and worked.

A chart of wage comparisons I was looking at while lying in bed.

A chart of wage comparisons I was looking at while lying in bed.


I was actually supposed to go to a Russian club today, but I was feeling really bad and wasn’t in the mood to go, so I decided not to go. After that, I washed a lot of clothes. Actually, I was a bit shocked to find that my clothes smelled too bad. Because of yesterday’s Halloween party with all the heavy smokers, the clothes had absorbed all the smell of cigarettes. Because of that, just washing them with detergent did not remove the smell at all.

So I decided to soak them in the detergent for a day, then washed and dried them again at night. I really hope it will take away all the smell. But the smell is really too strong. I felt that I had paid too much for going to the party. It is much harder to get rid of the smell of cigarettes than the smell of alcohol.