I'm going to a Halloween party in Georgia with a girl I met on Tinder! We drink beer and dance! Amazing!!

Today’s Mood in Tbilisi is Halloween!

I got a message from a girl I met on Tinder.

Today, I was working until morning and it was 3pm in the afternoon when I woke up. Then I opened up Instagram to see what I was going to do today, and to my surprise, I got a message from BBQ (the first girl I met on Tinder and exchanged social media with), asking me, “How are you spending Halloween?” And. So she invited me to a Halloween party.

She herself is in the process of looking into it and hasn’t decided on a costume or anything. So she asked “Can I bring one more friend?” She asked me if I was okay with spending time with someone I’ve never met before. Of course I’m fine! I said yes, and we decided to have a Halloween party together. But she said you need a costume, so I had to buy one somehow.

My gosh, the party starts at 8 p.m. and it’s 3 p.m. I have to come up with a costume and buy it somewhere, and get ready in the next 5 hours.

I remember last year’s Halloween party. Last year, I remember that within three days, I managed to find a place that sold real kimonos to be a samurai and bought them there. This year’s Halloween was on a much tighter schedule. First of all, I had to find out where the costumes were sold. But I had no idea.


For the first time, I ride the subway to buy a Halloween costume.

She told me about the restaurant there. But it wasn’t the location or name of the store, it was TikTok lol. Okay, I know there is a shop to sell it, so give me the location or name! But actually she didn’t know and asked her friends who lives near there to get a picture of it.

Then I asked her to show me where they were located, as she said she knew roughly where they are. To my surprise, she said I had to take the subway to the last station. I hurriedly got ready and headed for the nearest station. From there, I charged my subway card and got a MetroCard!

The Metro card was really beautiful, like a work of art, and since I don’t understand Georgian at all, I couldn’t understand what it said. The metro was really underground and deep, just like in Russia. And the escalators were very, very fast. How fast! I thought. I got on the subway and headed for the station while listening to music. The woman next to me looked at me.

Tbilisi metro card. It's so beautiful.

Tbilisi metro card. It’s so beautiful.

I know that. I feel the line of sight. And through the reflective window in front of me. I thought to myself, “If she is interested in me, I would love to be friends with her,” but then I thought, “That would be pretty difficult.” When I arrived at some station, the girl was giving up her seat to an elderly person, and I thought she is a very nice person.


You learn that you shouldn’t get off at subway stations based on mood or feeling.

As I was doing this, it seemed to be arriving at the station before I knew it. I did not hear the internal announcement, so I did not know which station it was. The station has no name board, and there is no bulletin board on the train. All I could rely on was the announcements. But I was wearing AONIC5 earphones, which have too high sound insulation, so I couldn’t hear them at all. So I got off the train with a feeling.

When I got off the train, I realized that this was not the last stop. I climbed up the escalator and went outside to find that I was one stop before the end of the line. So I decided to walk to the next station.

As I was walking, I felt Georgia. I walked on, feeling the pounding of not knowing when the sidewalks would be cut off. Luckily, the sidewalk continued all the way to the end, and I managed to arrive near the last station. Nini had contacted me and sent me the coordinates, so I looked them up on Google Maps and arrived there. It was one corner of a really old bazaar.


Finally, I’ve arrived at the second hand store I saw on TikTok!

When I went to the store, I was a little surprised to find that there were really no Halloween costumes, just a second hand store. There was a lady there, and it really looked like a clothing store full of junk, with a few Halloween costumes if you looked for them. Some customers came in and were looking at some clothes.

I was looking around and an old lady spoke Georgian like “that’s where you can find erotic clothes”. There were a lot of costumes piled up in cardboard boxes. So I was looking all over.

There was a red cape, and it was kind of tied around your neck. It was really a simple purchase, and it was just for that day. It looked really nice. Then there were top and bottom sets of clothes, minion inflatable ones, and so many more. But in the end I just picked out a red cape, and I figured I could just wear my coat and T-shirt that I had at home.

And I finally bought it! It wasn’t that cheap because I paid a whopping 25 Lari. 1250 Lari seems high to me. Probably, I thought, they sold it to me at a higher price because I am a foreigner. But it is inevitable, so I guess it can’t be helped. If I could improve my communication skills, I would be able to negotiate the price.


I’ll have dinner at McDonald’s, then head back to my apartment and change into my costume!

And so, mission accomplished! It’s 5:00 p.m. now, so only three hours to go until the start! I had quite a bit of time to spare. So I stopped by McDonald’s and ordered the same McBurger set as the other day. The fries were really good. Besides, it had been a long time since I had had chicken, so it really was the best I had ever tasted.

After finishing eating, I headed for the subway. As I got on the subway, I saw a few people dressed up in Halloween costumes, which was interesting. I felt the Halloween spirit in the air as the train headed to the nearest station.

When I opened my Instagram, I found a message from her and she sent me a Facebook link. To my surprise, there was a Halloween party at one of the bars and she wanted me to go there. The time was 7pm start time, but she had to get ready, so it was going to be 8pm. I decided to get ready to arrive around that time, so I went back to the flat.

Then I put on a black jacket there and got set up nice. Then I took a shower and set my hair with wax for the first time. Then I got dressed the same way, put the costume in my bag because I was too shy to wear it, and walked to my destination.


I arrived at the venue, but Nini was running late, so I decided to explore the city.

On the way there, there were many, many people in Halloween costumes as I walked along, so I decided to put on a cape myself.

When I arrived at the bar 5 minutes before 8pm, it was really like a members-only bar, with an entry area where everyone was stamped. It was like the only people allowed in there were those over 18 and in Halloween costumes.

So I messaged Nini and said where are you? She said, “Seriously! Sorry! I thought you understood I am leaving home at 8pm!” So she said it would be at least 30 minutes.
So I changed to the Plan B and decided to walk around. The old town of Georgia was really beautiful, with lots of restaurants, orange lights, and brick architecture. It was really beautiful.

 Night in Tbilisi. Beautiful starry sky.

Night in Tbilisi. Beautiful starry sky.

I also found a few wine stores. Then there was a winery. I walked a big circle around, and when I was wondering if I was almost there, I still hadn’t heard from them, so I was replying to my other friends and enjoying the view up on the hill. The view from the park was really beautiful. I lay on the bench and just watched the stars. Why are the stars shining? Well, they are glowing, which means they are hot, right? So, does the earth look like it is glowing when seen from other planets? If not, I think our planet is really a miracle.

 Climbing up the hill. The whole city is so beautiful.

Climbing up the hill. The whole city is so beautiful.

Because it’s kept at a temperature where humans can live. With this thought in mind, I spread my hands wide to grasp the sky. Space travel will become more and more famous when I become a grandfather, so it might be a little difficult to explore space while I am still alive, I thought, but it was really interesting.

I feel that the earth is a miracle.

I feel that the earth is a miracle.


Finally, they arrive at the bar! Let the Halloween party begin!

So it ended up being about 9:30pm. It was getting cold by now, and I wondered if they would hurry up. But I was the one who was invited, and I don’t mind being kept waiting. I was thinking about how long I have been making people wait. I thought it was my reward for that. But it doesn’t bother me. Of course I wanted it to be done quickly, but I was more nervous and excited than that.

Nini was apparently coming by cab, but she was running very late because she was stuck in traffic. I sent her the meeting place. Finally, I heard Nini’s voice, “Kota~! And then we met! Nini had turned into Cleopatra, and the other Loli was a vampire. I was a vampire too, but in a different quality. She had processed her fake nails and attached them to her teeth. And Nini looked really cold in a dark Cleopatra-like costume.

And just like that, we were finally inside the club! The second hand store which you told me didn’t really have Halloween costumes! I said. By the way, Georgian is quite simple, with only 33 letters, whereas Japanese has about 80 letters and over 2000 kanji. They were surprised when I told them that that is Japanese.

Then Nini confirmed that I like alcohol. Do you like beer? She asked and I said, “I don’t usually drink beer, but I like it.” And then we decided to have a beer. And with that, my hand was safely stamped and I entered the venue.


Everyone competes to drink beer as fast as possible.

The smoke was bad in the hall. Cigarette smoke and smoke smoke smoke. And there was a lot of music playing and a lot of people. My mood immediately soared.

Order a beer at the counter.

Order a beer at the counter.

And first Nini ordered us beers. I asked her how much, but she said it was fine, so thanks! So I drank it. To my surprise, we were on a mission and Nini said we had to drink the beer within 8 minutes. Nini was drinking beer very fast and before I knew it, she was drinking so much. I still hadn’t drunk all of it, but with one minute to go, I was able to finish it all! I was so happy.

Then I decided that the second beer was on me. Then we all toasted and drank! With the music blaring, they explained to us about Georgia’s Khachapuri and other food called Lobiani, and asked me why I came to Georgia. I was an exchange student studying abroad in Russia, and I ate khachapuri and Khinkali, and they were so good that I wanted to eat authentic these by visiting Georgia, and I love wine too, so I came to Georgia! I said.


Introduce yourselves to each other amidst loud music.

I’m freelancing now, working full remote while doing web design~! I said. Then, wow! I didn’t know that! Nini is a Java developer and works for a bank in Georgia, so I thought it was really amazing. And Loli is studying architecture. That’s also great. She wants to do architectural design in the future, but she is also very interested in programming. She said something like that. Both of them are really nice people.

And Nini was smoking Icos. She smoked a pack a day. Too much. But she said it is OK because it contained only nicotine and no tar . Loli, on the other hand, is smoking a real cigarette, which I thought is bad for her health, but hey, that’s life! You can do what you want! I thought. And so I was open minded. Good. I was gradually getting back into the overseas mode.

 Me, Nini and Loli.

Me, Nini and Loli.

And I said to them that I drank two beers and 250ml of vodka when I was in Russia! Nini said that “Kota, alcohol is not about quantity but about speed.” Omg, it make sense. I got drunk right away, but Nini was not drunk at all. I thought she was really strong, we danced while listening to the music.


There was a huge line for the restroom. Talking to a couple who were drunk near there.

I went outside to cool off. On the way there they had to go to the restroom, but to my surprise, I didn’t know where the line was for the women’s restroom, and they had to wait 20 minutes or more, which seemed really difficult. I gave Nini my phone number and she told me to call her anytime. I was in the front of the line, flying by myself all the time, dancing to the rhythm of the music while they are in the line of the restroom. I was having the best time.

I was drunk and had fun with my hands up the whole time. People were crammed in there, but that’s why I was having fun. So I decided to go to the restroom because I needed to go to the restroom too. When I looked around, I saw that the women were already crammed in there. But there were no men, and only two people waiting to poop. There was no one waiting to take a piss. How fast, as fast as the USJ Express Pass.

So after I was done with the restroom, I took a quick break and was updating my Instagram near the restroom. Then two couple Georgians came up to talk to me and asked where I am from. And they said, “Where are you from? And I said, I’m from Japan! I said. I was really drunk, so communication was a blast. These two guys were drunk and sitting on the floor. The floor was dirty and I didn’t want to sit on it, so I was talking to them in the same position as if the Emperor had visited the gymnasium at the time of the earthquake and talked to the victims.

I was talking to them too. I should have taken a picture of them. I had such a regret. But they are in my head, so it’s okay.

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!


The terrace outside is also very lively. So we sit on a bench and talk about life.

Then we went out and met up with Nini and Loli again and danced around. On the way out, Nini had met coworker, perhaps because she has a really wide network of people, and she joined in and danced with him. Great.

Then we went outside and had a little chat. Outside, there was a 25 year old man next to me who I was talking to. He is working in real estate now, but he used to do something different. He said that he hated his job, so he quit it and is now working in real estate. That’s what he was talking about.

I only talked with him for about 3 minutes, but I felt like I wanted to meet him. I really had that kind of regret. But I meet people I should meet. That’s the reality, that’s the fact, so you have to accept it and let nature take its course.

And so we went back inside, where Nini bought us another beer. Win-win, right? I thought. So we had a lot of beers and a lot of dancing, and I was so hot I was sweating profusely, and we danced about 3 or 4 songs. We had a really good time. I’m an Introvert, but I really love to dance in clubs. Then Nini and Loli went outside again, where they talked about cigarettes and how they don’t live long, but since everyone around them smoked, they smoked too. I see.

Plus, I got a huge admiration for never having smoked a cigarette. Thank you lol. But I don’t smoke at all costs. First of all, the worst thing is the smell. I have a very sensitive nose, and the smell of cigarettes makes me sick like a giant snake in an old Japanese tale. Like that, more than three hours passed, time flied, and the time was 2:20.

Nini and Loli seemed to be going somewhere else rather than going home, so I decided to go home because in the morning, I had a regular meeting with company. I called a cab and went home. I was very drunk. So I was almost asleep. Then I arrived home, took a shower, and went to bed.


Today was the day I felt like I had the most fun in Georgia! Thanks Nini and Loli!

Still, I think today was the most enjoyable day I’ve had in Georgia. Really, thanks to Nini’s open mindedness. By the way, when we were having beers at the bar, Nini told Loli that we met on Tinder. Yes, we met on Tinder. I was already desperate to make friends, so I had to use every app I could find. So Nini said I seemed nice and different from normal guys (those who want to have sex right away or something), so she said I was the first one she met on Tinder who exchanged Instagrams with her and even directed me to her backstage stuff. So I was really happy.

So I put my hand on my chest and thanked her, saying that I was filled with gratitude. Once again, I wondered what I had to offer. Of course, I had fun with them. That may have been the greatest gift I could give. However, Nini told me that she had never been out of Georgia and had never been to any country, so I thought to myself, “If I ever start my own business in the future and can afford it, I would love to give her a trip to Japan.

I think she gave me a gift as valuable as water in the desert. She invited me with an open mind and spent Halloween party with me while it was hard to find friends in Georgia. Thank you so much. I am so grateful.

It was really appropriate, they are diplomatic, but I was happy. It was the best memory I have of dancing, and above all, being able to get involved with Georgians was the best gift I have received since I came here. Nini is my first Georgian friend, thank you. I also talked a lot with Loli. I was so drunk at the time that I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but we talked a lot.

It was fun. We had never met before, but I thought it was nice to be in a foreign country where we could get to know each other so well. I also learned, once again, the importance of open-mindedness. I learned how open-mindedness can lead to meeting people, creating wonderful things, and enriching one’s life.