it is always the same routine

it is always the same routine

At midnight today, I woke up sweating again. Then I put on a tank top and went back to sleep. When I woke up it was after noon. I took another shower and worked on phlegm after filling up with moisture. Phlegm is really tricky, I think. Then I rehydrated.

After doing a lot of research, I’m worried that it might be pneumonia. No fever, but most of the other symptoms are there. Worried that I might be dehydrated, I look up how to make oral rehydration fluid, and apparently it can be made with lemon, salt, and sugar, so I use one of the plastic bottles to make it. It tasted like oral rehydration fluid. I got really worried. I wondered what would happen to me if I got pneumonia in the future, since I had no medicine, and if it is coronavirus pneumonia, I would have to use Ekmo as well.



I feel I tend to be overly anxious and nervous.

But so far, breathing is not difficult, walking normally is not painful, and I pray that it is not pneumonia, but just a virus on my bronchial tubes. Then I start to think that maybe I’m getting a little better. Soon it is 4:00 in the afternoon, so I go to the supermarket and buy some water and lemon. Then I went home and went out again.

I decided to have bread for dinner today, so I went to a bakery on the main street. I went to the bakery I had been to the other day and bought bread again, which I knew was good. I also bought one bread that the man in front of me had bought three loaves of bread the other day. Then, at another bakery, I found a donut, which I was sure was delicious, and bought it. I took it home with me. The taste was so good. I got this one and it cost me 3 lari. Two doughnuts for 1 lari. I think it is very cheap.



I thought it was really good. So I thought I might go back another day.



I study hard, Self improvement.

After that, I studied French and English. After dark, I went to my usual park and read a book. The content of today’s book is: Is it right and reasonable to work for people in a normal way? That is the question. No, absolutely not. This is a pecking order way of life and I absolutely must start my own business. That’s what I thought.

As I walked around, I thought about how I could escape the Japanese tax system and start a business in a country with a better tax system. I heard that I need to prove a stable income and proof that I have more than a certain amount of yen in my bank account in order to be accepted to live in another country. That’s what I thought. First, I go to the country and made an inspection. I realized that this is the most important thing.



Three major choices that will define your life for the rest of your life.

In a lifetime, three major decisions are: where to live, who to fall in love with, and what job to do. Currently, I have had no choice about my job. If I like creating things, if I can do it remotely, and if I can make use of it in the future, then website creation is the only way to go. Of course, there are other jobs out there, but none of them offer the variety of things I can learn and expand on, and I can work while drinking coffee or listening to music, regardless of where I am, so I can only call it a calling.

Plus, I can learn the business, marketing, directing, and managing money since I am a sole proprietor. I don’t think there is a more wonderful profession. Really. I want to keep going on and on and on.

And who will you fall in love with? Of course I want to fall in love, but I need a period of time to continue my love. For that, I need a visa. So the first step is to find a place to live. So, I would like to spend many years deciding where to live. That is what I am doing now. So, once again, I approve by introspection that what I am doing is not wrong.



The importance of saying what is on your mind

Then just say what you are thinking. Even if you are talking to yourself. I thought this is really important too. I am going to be ◯◯. I want to be like this. I want to be like this. If you do that, you will become what you want to be. I’ve been thinking about being a digital nomad in Georgia since 2019, and now I’m doing web production. So, if you keep thinking strongly, keep going, and keep working hard, it will become a reality. And if you say it out loud, it will become a reality. That’s why I felt the importance of saying it out loud again. That’s how I felt.

Then I went home and did financial management. It’s a huge pain in the ass. Currently I ordered an American Express card, but it came back as if the address didn’t exist. Because of this, I can’t get a credit card, and since I have a bank account with them, I have to pay for my own food, airfare, lodging, and other expenses, as well as my personal expenses such as food. So, I am thinking that I would like to go back to Japan and make a business card as soon as possible. Such was my day. Tomorrow, as expected, I would like to go to a cafe and do some work.