Met a neighbor and talk with in Russian!

Met a neighbor and talk with in Russian!

Today, I woke up at 3 pm. Because of my cough, I was unable to sleep through the night. So I ended up staying up until about 9:00 AM, and it was after 9:00 AM when I finally managed to sleep. After waking up, I took my usual shower and expectorated. Really again, how happy I am to be healthy. How important it is to take on many challenges when you are healthy and do things that sick people cannot do. I really felt it. I feel really free just by not being sick.



Talking to a lady in the neighborhood

After that, I thought, what am I going to eat today? First, I ate two bananas to strengthen my immune system. Then I decided to walk to the pharmacy and buy some phlegm cutting pills. Then I wondered if I could eat some shawrama. Just like that, as I was leaving my usual entrance, an aunt spoke to me and explained about the usually empty door that was closed.

The lady seemed to be my neighbor, and first I did my best to speak in Russian. I asked her if it was necessary to open this door every time. She told me that it was not necessary to open the door, and that I would be fine. Then, very openly, she grabbed my arm and asked me where I was from. China? I said, “No, I’m from Japan, I’m here as a tourist and usually do web design.” She told me that her son is a logo designer and a car designer. I thought how cool he is.

The lady seemed surprised and impressed that I could speak Russian. I asked her if she had her phone number, but she said no. She told me that she has a Facebook page, but she said no. But since we were neighbors, I thought it would be nice to make friends. I thought it was OK because I would see her again someday. But I thought it would be good if I could say that I wanted to get to know them and be friends with them.



I felt very happy to be able to communicate in Russian

I feel that my Russian language skills have really improved a lot. Especially my speaking seems to be improving a lot. It is precisely because I am in an environment like this, an environment where I have no choice but to speak, that I am able to speak. That’s really what it’s all about. So I talked with the lady for about 15 minutes. And then we said, see you later.

I told her that I had eaten Khinkali and Khachapuri, and that I also like Roviani. It was really fun. I had a runny nose, but I forgot about it and just talked with her. I hope to have some delicious Georgian food at her house someday.



Heading to the pharmacy while listening to Taylor Swift’s new album

And so I headed to the pharmacy. I love to walk, so I walked while listening to Taylor’s new album. Then I arrived at the pharmacy. So, I showed them Google Translate and explained in English that I had phlegm in my bronchial tubes, so I asked if they had any medicine to remove it or cough medicine. So the clerk introduced me to a syrup. The syrup was a whopping 250 milliliters and cost about 1,200 yen.



It was very expensive. I asked “Do I have any pills, etc?” I explained to her that I could not take them to another country. But she didn’t understand and said, “No, just syrup is fine.” Well, I think my explanation was bad, but I had no choice but to buy them. Apparently, it was from Bosnia-Herzegovina. I thought to myself, what a minor country it was imported from. I wondered medicines are basically imported from another country. You can see the low level of medical care in Georgia. The lemon powder was also from Turkey.



Buy and eat shawrama in Georgia. These are soooo good

Then I decided to walk over and buy a shawlama. This time I went for a medium size. Probably enough. So, 10 lari, so about 530 yen at the current rate. That’s about right. Then I went home. Of course, I bought some napkins on the way home. I had to carry a napkin with me at all times because of phlegm and runny nose. After that, I ate shawrama when I arrived home. It was delicious. Then I chatted with a girl I matched with on Tinder.



It’s too good of an investment to make the best encounter for 1,350 yen

I think it’s really inexpensive to be able to meet someone and actually meet someone for only 1,350 yen (this is my first month, so it’s half price for unlimited “likes”). I was able to meet Nini at a Halloween party the other night and had a lot of fun thanks to that. So I thought it was a great deal. Of course, Tinder is a dating app for casual sex, but that’s all it is. And, of course, the women on there are all in their underwear or have sexy pictures. But I wanted to be friends anyway, so I liked them all. That’s how I feel.



Reading in the usual park, as usual

Then, I went to the park for my usual regular book reading. It was completely dark. The orange streets create lights in the blue darkness of the night, turning it into a fantastic landscape. So, “what kind of person would you like to do business with today?” is a topic of today. And that was that I deserved to make a fortune. For example, if I am a professional in something, honest, long-term thinking, and responsible, when something happens somewhere, it will automatically come to me. That is what I mean by attracting good luck. Therefore, it is very important to always be sincere.

And as for networking, there is no appeal in networking without a business. Therefore, the first step is to create a business and thoroughly create something interesting. If you do that, people who find it interesting will naturally come to you. He is right. He is absolutely right. So, I spent the evening studying and implementing the WordPress version of my media (this one). I was coughing so badly that I felt like I was going to vomit, and I had a fever from coughing too much, and all sorts of weird things happened. But I’m persevering. I will persevere. It will get better as time goes by. This is also a learning experience.