When you are sick, it's time to look at yourself

When you are sick, it’s time to look at yourself

I woke up this morning feeling very unwell. My throat was very sore and I drank water anyway.

I had a content marketing hearing this morning, so I got up quickly to get ready. I drank some pomegranate juice and took some vitamins.

I really enjoyed talking with them at the content marketing hearing. I felt that I really love to communicate with people.

I was really hungry today, so I decided to go to KFC. I took the subway to the station where Kentucky is located. It was the last stop and quite far away. Well, it’s about 15 minutes at most.

The name of that station is in Georgian, so I can’t read it, but it gives the impression of being on top of a mountain. The elevation is absolutely high. I wondered how many meters above sea level it is. I looked it up and found that it ranged from 380 to 772 meters. This is very, very high! I thought, “This is indeed Georgia.

I arrived safely at KFC, but I found a problem. I tried three times, but still nothing. So I decided to stop going to Kentucky and went to McDonald’s. In the meantime, I went to a stationery store and bought a notebook. I bought this notebook in the hope that I could write a message to my Georgian friend.

But still, Georgia is expensive, for example, notebooks! I thought they were really expensive. I also think that clothes are quite expensive. I am getting to know more and more about Georgians. I still can’t tell one person from another, but I’m getting to know more and more Georgians.
The population of Georgians is only 3.7 million, so I think they are quite rare. In contrast, the Japanese population is 120 million. Isn’t that a little bit crazy? How many times larger?

However, since it is obvious that the Japanese population will continue to decline in the future, I wonder if this is inevitable. In my opinion, the population of 120 million will gradually decrease, and as the population ages, the number of young people will continue to decrease. This is unstoppable. What should we do? The only way is to work abroad or move abroad.

I think it will be difficult to live in Japan in the future. Therefore, I would like to live abroad now as a training for that, and to adapt myself to the international standards so that I do not forget them. Of course, I have only been here for two weeks, so there is no way I can suddenly adapt after nine months in Japan. So, I am still frightened, a little nervous, and anxious, but I hope this will be normal in the future and I will become a more savvy person.

Warm inside, but should not be a man of convenience. A person who can say things properly, straightly. I will continue to make efforts to become such a person. I don’t need to change myself, because the environment will change me.

Still, I’m not feeling very well today, so I hope to be able to do more coding for projects after this, start my own media, and do more and more like that.

On the way to the station, I stopped at a bazaar. There were many clothes, belts, bags, shoes, and household items for sale. It really was a bazaar. I was looking for bargains there. I’m always shy in stores, so I don’t really stop to look, but I was looking for a type C plug.

 Bazaar. Everything you can think of is for sale.

Bazaar. Everything you can think of is for sale.

Then I found the outlet! There were so many different types of plugs, and among them was a Type C for Apple products. And it was only 7 lari, according to the lady. What a bargain! This was too cheap and I had to buy it, so I bought it right away.

After that, I decided to take the train back to my flat as I was physically a bit tired and still recovering from a cold. The train took me there in no time, and after arriving home, I spent the whole time converting my own owned media to WordPress.

So after a little while, my throat was really sore. That’s how I felt, so I did what my Latvian friend told me to do: I ate a lemon with sugar on it as a natural remedy. I went to the supermarket to try it, because I was told that this would alleviate the sore throat. At the supermarket, a lemon costs 0.6 lari. about 28 yen. Well, I guess it is cheap. So I bought one lemon, then some water, and some perimenis.

Lemon and kiwi purchased at the supermarket.

Lemon and kiwi purchased at the supermarket.

The perimeni I made. When you're sick, they don't look good.

The perimeni I made. When you’re sick, they don’t look good.


And then there is broccoli. I also bought broccoli because I have not been able to consume enough vegetables lately, and I thought this might be the cause, so I decided to make pasta with broccoli. All in all, it cost 1,200 yen.

So when I got home, I went back to WordPressing my owned media. After that was done, I made a perimeni and ate a lemon. It was probably the first time in my life that I ate a lemon. To be honest, it was very sour.

But I don’t really dislike it. It’s not that bad.

So, we’ll see how it goes for now. I forgot my medicine this time, so I can’t take it when I get sick, and of course I can buy it, but it’s an opportunity for me to try to fix it with my own autoimmunity. That is also a challenge. How can I fix it with my own autoimmunity? I’m going to try it on myself.