Go to a photo session with Greg! First time modeling experience!

Go to a photo session with Greg! First time modeling experience!

I had planned to get up at 7:00 a.m. today, but I couldn’t quite get up and it was almost 12:00 p.m. in the afternoon when I finally did.

Since I was going to do a photo shoot with Greg today, I waxed my hair for the first time in a while. Then I went to Greg’s place and said good morning! I said, “Good morning! I guess I’m a shy person. I’m embarrassed to say good morning and good bye. I still don’t know how to act.



At first, we rented a room in a hostel and decided to shoot there.

I wondered if I should go outside now to shoot, but the other manager (Natasha) was out shopping, so we decided to shoot inside the hostel. I was doing a little coding in the meantime. It was the last project of the year. It wasn’t very difficult, but it was a bit complicated, and like a restaurant with many orders, there were many orders. Like a restaurant with a lot of orders. There were a lot of orders like that, but I was willing to give it a try! I was coding like that.



He’s actually a guitarist and vocalist.

Then suddenly Greg started playing a song on his electric guitar. I thought to myself, “That’s Moosica Hostel.” As the hostel is located next to the Tbilisi Conservatory, it is a place where music lovers gather. Greg was training on his electric guitar. He said it would be nice if we could play together some of his favorite songs, so we agreed to play together. But it was quite difficult for me to play a song I had heard for the first time today after hearing it only once. So I changed the subject and asked him if he knew Misirlou or I asked “Do you know ACDC? and I played them on the piano.



After a glass of wine, the photo session begins.

Then he gave me a free bottle of Saperavi, a Georgia wine. I heard it was leftover, but I was so happy. It was really good. After an hour or so like that, we finally decided that he was no longer busy, so we went to the photo session, where I looked for different poses on Pinterest and started shooting in the window of the next room. I felt like a model; I was so excited to be able to capture the moment. He was really amazing with the camera, and I was really amazed at how he kept manipulating it. It was cool to see him do that.



First time shooting



Greg, who communicates with the light in a nice way and takes pictures.


I also dressed up my hair in a good way and a photo shoot. It was the first one-on-one photo shoot in my life. It was really kind of fun to think that this is how models are usually photographed. This current shoot is a win-win situation for both of us because it’s Greg’s hobby and what he likes to do and I like to be photographed, so it’s nothing commercial.




I posed for the camera in various postures. When the camera was pointed at me, I was very conscious of how I looked in the viewfinder as I posed. I thought it was better to do it with a work ethic so that I would not feel embarrassed or ashamed.

He closed the curtains to make it darker, wrapped paper around the bed light to adjust the light so that my head was in the right place, and adjusted the window shades. He also took many pictures by adjusting the light level by adjusting the window shades.



I have nothing but respect for Greg’s use of the camera.

Greg put something on the camera to adjust the amount of flash and light, and took some very fantastic pictures. I really think he is a camera professional. I really think he is a professional photographer.

If I ever set up a company in Holland or somewhere, I would like to hire him if he accept lol. I don’t know if “hire” is the right word, but I would like him to be my friend! Yes, I want him to be my colleague! I’m really glad to have met such a nice guy. He works two days a week at the hostel, and I was lucky enough to talk with him on the first day I came, and he was very nice to me, so we went out for coffee, chatted for about three hours, and then we took pictures. It was a really good connection.



It was the first time in my life that I had a photo session, so I was very excited, but I thought I would be nervous at first, but it was more fun than I expected. I put my Macbook next to them and asked him what pose he would like to do next. It was really fun. I was really happy to have such a friend. He’s Kazakhstani, and now he’s in Georgia, and it’s a really great connection.

Because there are a lot of people in other hostels who are not so nice. And after the photo session, I was very hungry because I hadn’t eaten since this morning. At the hostel, Greg and I took a photo together for the postcard that I get if I tag and post on Instagram.

I was a little shocked to see that my cheeks had gotten a little bigger. I gained weight again! Damn! I thought. That’s right. I eat French fries every day, of course I gain weight. But I love them. But he took a very nice picture. I knew that the camera on my iPhone is completely different from the camera on mirrorless camera.



I had to go to the bank, so we had to go outside.

It occurred to me that I needed to deregister the bank, so I told Greg that I had to go to the bank now. Actually, we were going to take a picture together now, but I had to go to the bank… Still, we went out together anyway.

So we went out to find a nice place to take pictures together. We did some photo shoots on a sloping street with a Tbilisi old town feel, where cars frequently enter, and at a location near a McDonald’s. I was more confident in my shooting than I usually am. There were a lot of people walking around me, but I didn’t mind. I guess I was able to do that because I was in Tbilisi and abroad, where the culture of taking pictures is commonplace.




But still, modeling is really fun. I feel like I’m acting in something. I would love to walk the runway someday as a leading model for CHANEL’s men’s collection when it is launched. But right now, my face is really fat and I look disgusting. So I need to lose weight again somehow. First of all, my face is fat, so I am really dissatisfied. That’s the only thing. It makes me look bad in pictures.

Well, just like that, Greg was supposed to be day off today, but apparently another admin is sick with a cold, so he’s going to be in charge, and he said he had to go back to the hostel. So I headed to the bank.



I had to go to a bank in Georgia to deregister.

I wanted to cancel my card with Georgia Bank because they charge me 5 lari per month for holding it. However, I heard that if I wanted to re-sign that card when I still came to Tbilisi, I would need 50 lari, which I didn’t want to do, so I decided to stop. It was the same guy I had met when I registered my bank card. When I asked him to cancel the contract, he told me that I should stop using the card for such a short period of time, so I decided to stop.



Walk the city at night and work in cafes

So, 50 lari at the end. That’s all…it was about 2800 yen, so I decided to call it good. So I wanted to go to a local restaurant in Georgia at the end, so I tried to go to Mapshalia, but there were a lot of people there, so I stopped and bought potato bread at a bakery in a place I missed. Just 50 yen.



Walking the streets of Tbilisi


Then I bought some Meglurian Hachapuri at a nostalgic supermarket. To be honest, I think this supermarket’s hachapuri is the best hachapuri I’ve ever tasted. Why is that? It’s mochi mochi, right? Then I walked to the co-working space. I was going to work there. But apparently there were a lot of people there, and they were doing some kind of presentation about support for Ukraine. There were a lot of TV stations there, and it looked like a big event, so I decided not to work there.

So I decided to go somewhere else. I was going to take a cab to the cafe Entree at the upper part of the building, but the cabs were busy at this time of the day, so I decided to walk there. On the way there, I remembered that elegant cafe, so I decided to go there. There I ordered a cappuccino and a panna cotta from the same menu I had ordered before. Then I wrote my diary there and did my last projects for the year.

Then, since it would be my last night, after paying the bill, I passed through the center of Tbilisi and went to the old town. And from there, I walked to Freedom Square. I really walked a lot of places like that. And on the way back, I bought lemonade and went back to the hostel.