Today I'm gonna sort out something I felt

Today I’m gonna sort out something I felt

Today I’m going to put together something a little special

I love to read and reflect from time to time, and today is about our civilization. I read something in a book.

We really live every day with a lot of greed and ego. When we have a lot of greed, we cannot feel happiness. Happiness is something that is inside, and just because you get something does not mean that it makes you happy. Because as soon as you get it, you get used to it. Humans are creatures that get used to it. In other words, feeling happiness from external factors is only for a moment.
I feel nothing but happiness that I am able to live like this without getting serious illness.

I feel truly happy to be able to eat and talk with people every day. I believe that happiness is something that is created from the inside.

And that’s the part that really stuck with me. We are just a small part. We are nothing more than the twinkling of a firefly. The earth, and even the universe, has been around for hundreds of billions of years, but we are only a small part of it. We live only for a moment. Of course, there may be famous artists such as Van Gogh, who left works of art and made history for future generations.



However, if you think about it, 2000 years from now, some future generations people may say, “Oh, I remember there were some “Japanese” people there. I’ve heard of them.” like this subtly way. And the earth may have been destroyed. When you think about it, each and every one of us is really nothing more than a small existence. So, life is nothing more than a game. So before thinking about “trying to live more lightly” or “with no regrets”, I think we just should do what we want to do, live the way we want to live, and always be positive.

Just say what you want to say. Shy? There are many such people in the world, and you can talk to them on the street. It’s a small thing, less than 1/1,000,000 of a firefly’s blink. You should express yourself more and more, and tell people what you want to tell them without hesitation or thinking such small things. Life is really fleeting, and I will be the only one who remembers what I have embarrassed myself with or what I have failed to do now in 10 years. So it’s not something to be ashamed of after all. It’s just a game. On the other hand, those who work for the same company for the rest of their lives, what is the purpose of their lives? I’d like to ask that question. We don’t live to work, we live for enjoying our lives against entropy.



Everything we do is just for “survival” that increases our chances of leaving genes behind

In other words, we are afraid of dying. If we do nothing, we will die. But there is food, clothing, shelter, eating, sleeping, and procreation. By doing this, we somehow defy entropy and try our best to live, to leave genes behind. Why go to college? Why have sex? Why eat? Why make friends? Why travel? Why read books?

The end goal of all of these is “to not die, to avoid dying”. It really is. If you go to college, you can get a job that pays well. That will give you more money so you can buy enough food, thereby easy to be avoiding death.

Why have sex? It is to leave genes for future generations. In other words, to create a kind of copy of ourselves. Why do we make friends? It’s to avoid being lonely and can get happiness hormone called cerotonine by making friends and interacting with people, and furthermore, to avoid having a mentally dangerous situation for our brains by meeting and discovering things from them.

Why read books? That’s how we try to survive better by gaining knowledge. Why do pretty or beautiful people attract men? Because if you and he or she have a child, that child will be beautiful or cool and have an advantage in life because he or she is beautiful in appearance. Why is this advantageous? If you are a woman, you will be approached by many men, and you will have the right to choose a man who is genetically strong.

Why are rich men so popular? It is not simply because they can live a happy life and buy fancy clothes. It is because they can survive by being beautiful and being seen in the right light. And they will become popular with more than one man.

In the end, “women’s looks (body, face) and men’s social status and money” are pretty decent. It’s all an unconscious sorting out of each other to sustain life. Because, normally, have you ever seen a family where a very beautiful, beautiful woman is married to a poor man? The answer to this question is that beautiful women win in life. This is why people say, “A beautiful woman wins in life”. A beautiful woman does not have to worry about sustaining life. That is it.

On the other hand, do you see rich men or men of high social status dating very ugly or looks unhealthy woman? No, they don’t. They are usually very beautiful, clean, “healthy” women. This is another reason.

After all, we all live to sustain life and to leave as strong genes as possible. Strong genes are beauty for women and social status and intelligence for men.

I know I’m getting off topic, but since we are such minute beings, I would like you to rethink the things you have been worried about before taking action, the things you have failed to communicate, and so on. Life is fleeting, and there is nothing left afterwards. So why don’t you just enjoy the moment to the fullest? Be more positive, that’s right. Don’t think about such small things as being reserved, or reading the air, and just go for it. That’s how true life dramatically burns like a strong energy.



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