Czech Republic

Walking around Prague. There are so many things to discover.

Walking around Prague. There are so many things to discover

Walk around town

One of the most distinctive features of the Czech streetscape is the red roofs of the buildings and the streets with embedded stones in the ground. The streets are made of stone, not concrete, making the country look like a wonderful exotic place where you can really feel the art. Besides, the per capita consumption of beer is the highest in the world.



Whenever I go abroad, I always walk. I walk a lot anyway. I listen to music and walk for no reason. I can’t do that in Japan. Because I am used to seeing such things, and the buildings are not beautiful or romantic, so I don’t enjoy walking around. However, because this is a foreign country, I encounter something new when I walk around. Oh, there is this store here! There’s a Starbucks here, it’s so close. Oh, the person who just came in is so beautiful. So by the end of my trip in a country, I have a geographical map, and the next time I come back, I already know where everything is and which direction to go, so I think that’s great. There are even people dancing in the center of town. People seem to be really enjoying themselves.



In the city, I find Toledrenik and buy it to eat. They are very tasty. The best toreadlenik is the regular toreadlenik with ice cream. Warm dough with cold ice cream. I think it is the best flavor. Walking around the city, you can see dancing houses with deformed buildings and hanging statues with umbrellas. It looks as if it might fall down at any moment, but the fact is that it is not that heavy. In this way, there are many interesting things in the Czech Republic.



KFC in the Czech Republic is delicious


Prague in the Czech Republic is basically like crossing a bridge from one side to the other. The King’s Way is where the king used to walk when he was on his way to Prague Castle. It was really pleasant.



Writing a diary in a cafe

I go into a cafe to write my diary. Costa coffee is very famous here, so there are Costa coffees everywhere. I had an iced cappuccino there that tasted so good, I think it tastes better than Starbucks. Starbucks cappuccinos are great, too, but the coffee here is just as good, if not better. I sit here and write in my diary. It’s not really a diary, it’s just my thoughts. I feel very relaxed while listening to Vivaldi’s The four seasons. That’s all. It’s my favorite time of the day.



If you don’t listen to music, you hear people talking. This becomes music. Because it is not Japanese, it sounds extra beautiful and clean. That’s right. For example, for Europeans, Japanese is music. And for us, French is music. That’s right. It’s like that. It’s because we can’t hear it clearly that it becomes like beautiful music. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Music is wonderful.



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