Finally, Ryoke-chan is coming to Vietnam!

Finally, Ryoke-chan is coming to Vietnam!

Today is the day that Ryoke is coming! I woke up this morning and ordered delivery! I couldn’t believe that it was only 600 yen! It was so much more than that. After that, I wrote and finally finished writing my diary up to today! After that, Ryoke-chan said he would be here at 20:00, so I decided to pick him up accordingly!



Customary Vietjet Air delays.

I heard that Ryoke’s Vietjet Air flight was going to be delayed and that it would be 30 minutes late. So I took a cab to the airport to arrive at 20:00. It was my first time to take a motorcycle cab to airport! I was a little nervous, but it was a lot of fun. Because the wind was really strong on the bridge, going 50 km/h was really rough. But it was a lot of fun!

Then I arrived at the airport. I was very nervous and excited at the same time, wondering when Ryoke-chan would come out. I was embarrassed to be right at the exit, so I waited on a bench at the side of the exit. I was very nervous. As soon as I saw Ryoke-chan, I couldn’t hold back my excitement and ran as fast as I could to hug him. Ryoke was in Danang! It was too good to be true.



Go to a pizza place which is very expensive in Vietnam! Arrival party!

Then we called a cab and went to a pizza place. It was very expensive, about 1,200 yen per pizza, and pasta was about the same price. But of course it was cheaper than in Japan. Then we decided to eat at the counter at the pizza place.



A commemorative photo together lol


For pizza, I ordered a half and half pizza with teriyaki chicken and cheese. Then for pasta, salmon pasta and pasta with meat sauce. The whole time we were waiting for our orders, we talked about baseball and nostalgic stories of our high school days. It really doesn’t matter when we talk, it never changes at all. So pastas arrived and it was genovese lol.



Arrival party at an Italian restaurant!


The pizza place is very solid, the staff speaks English, and the hospitality is very nice. So they came to apologize later that they had made a mistake with the genovese, and it turned out to be free. This was too good to be true. They also took a picture of me later with a poraloid film to commemorate the occasion.



Thanks for the polaroid, clerk!


This was also a really awesome and nice memorial. I don’t think I’ve ever been to any other restaurant with such good hospitality. I would definitely like to return. The pizza was also excellent.



The ocean at night was great! The best!

Then we took a cab home and walked along the nearby ocean. We took a lot of pictures in the sea and had a good time talking about the past.



Two shots with Ryoke at the beach


The ocean at night is really great. Even though it was night, the buildings were brightly lit and there were many people on the beach and it was very lively.



Coconut is the best!


We bought two coconuts and drank them. Too cheap. And the coconuts were great. Really, really good.



Afterwards at the hotel’s rooftop pool!

Then we went back to the hotel and spent about 40 minutes at the rooftop pool talking about old admissions exams, or seven years ago, or how we would probably be able to afford a vacation home in seven years. We did butterfly and breaststroke and had the best time. And when we were done, we took a shower and relaxed. We took the wrong room and got a double bed, so we had to sleep together, but it was spacious enough for us to sleep.