We went to Thailand's famous condom restaurants!

We went to Thailand’s famous condom restaurants!

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Thai entertainment is truly amazing!

We arrive at a shopping mall near MBK. Many people are waiting outside with their smartphones. It was a video of a famous Thai gay series actor on the screen. Vera seemed to love it, too, and was filming it lol. I was there to film Vera with my camera.



Vera and two actors


Then we headed to Center Street near MBK. It really is a young people’s town, like Harajuku in Tokyo. There were many stores selling idol goods, tapioca stores, etc. It really felt like Harajuku.



We went to Fire Tiger, which seemed to be the most expensive store in Thailand, to our surprise. It seemed really expensive. Vera ordered the brown sugar flavor because she likes brown sugar, and I ordered the Thai tea with tapioca. I hadn’t had tapioca in years. When I was in junior high school, I was into tapioca and used to drink it a lot, but that was about 9 years ago. I really miss it. Since then, I haven’t had tapioca much since I learned that drinking tapioca makes you fat. So today I decided to drink tapioca for the first time in a super long time.



Tapioca. It’s insanely delicious.




And the tapioca was great. She says she drinks tapioca twice a day when she is alone in Thailand because it costs more than twice as much in Russia and the taste is not that good. Still, I thought it was really amazing because she is so thin.



A Korean singer is doing a radio show and the fans there are crazy.

After we finished our tapioca, we decided to move to a different place, so we went to a nearby shopping mall. At the entrance of the mall, there was a place to do a radio show, and I was amazed at the sight of it. There were many fans sitting on the floor with their cameras ready, watching the Korean singer recording on the radio. I thought to myself, “This is what that fanbase is like.” It was truly amazing.



A place packed with fans


I couldn’t believe how many people were there, and I was taken aback. If I had this much time, I would read a business book. So I thought, “Wow, they’re all amazing,” and I got in on the act and took a little video too lol.

After that, Vera wanted pants, so we went to a nearby store that looked like a food stall and bought some pants. I like black, so Vera bought black pants. Cute. Thank you. On the way there, a Thai celebrity was apparently at the event, and many fans crowded in there as well.



Vera eating sushi


We also went to a sushi restaurant. She wanted to eat sushi so badly that she went to a nearby sushi restaurant and ordered sushi there. She ordered four pieces of salmon and two pieces of seared salmon. Only salmon? lol. But I can understand her feelings. Salmon is very tasty.



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Vera has trouble climbing escalators and pedestrian bridges.

We were going up to about the 4th floor at the mall, but to my surprise Vera couldn’t go down. She was about to cry when I held her hand. Apparently, she really has a hard time with pedestrian bridges and escalators. So we decided to take the elevator. But I understand that very well, because everyone has their own pet peeves. I am also afraid of cockroaches, and I was glad that Vera understood that.



Finally! Go to Condom Restaurant

Vera was feeling a little tired and had a fever, probably due to her menstruation. But I couldn’t wait for the bus for tens of minutes in the heat. So we started walking. But it was a long way to the condom restaurant, so we got tired and decided to call a cab to go to the restaurant.



The Condom Restaurant was really interesting with all the condoms in the world!

By cab we arrived at the restaurant finally! The restaurant was located in a back alley and was relatively hard to find. However, once inside, the world of condoms was very interesting. We were greeted by a doll made entirely of condoms, and we went inside.



The gift shop was also very interesting, as it was made entirely of condom-related items. There were many people inside, mostly foreigners.

Vera had a fever at the time, so she didn’t have much of an appetite, so I ordered only my own food. I had a red bean dessert, stir-fried vegetables, and water. That was enough. We sat down together and enjoyed ourselves.



What comes out is neat.


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Basket with condoms


I decided to take about five home with me. Vera was very shy, but she took one as a souvenir. Then we decided to go home. On the way back, we went to a souvenir shop and I bought a souvenir for Ryoke-chan.



Condom sign at the entrance


It was a keychain with a condom inside, so that he could use it in case that he forgot to bring condoms. It was very creative and interesting. There were signs about situations where you have to wear a condom, signs about how much condoms contribute to the world, condoms in a basket by size, and a sign that said, “We don’t have gum, but we have condoms, so please take it”. I thought that was really interesting.



Signs on the must wear condoms list


There was also a sign that we could be a condom, so I put myself in the face hole and took pictures with it and with Vera. It was really memorable.




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