My feeling. My view of Southeast Asia.

My feeling. My view of Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia, for me, seems to be a “land of fun and vacation”. There are many things that I feel when I live in Southeast Asia, so I would like to write about them today.


Southeast Asia is very hot all year round. It is almost never cold. In other words, if you spend a lot of time outside, you get sunburned and it is very hot.


When I think about when I am happy, I am happy when I am sitting in a park reading a book. I am also happy when I am holding hands with my lover and watching the sunset. I also like to immerse myself in romantic buildings and the romantic atmosphere in Europe. But I wonder how it would be in Southeast Asia. It’s too hot to hold hands, and it’s too hot to stay outside all the time, so I’m sweating and it doesn’t seem like a good time to kiss while watching the sunset. Besides, Southeast Asian people seem to be rather pragmatic. It lacks the “romantic” element. Compared to Europe, the percentage of people who listen to jazz music is low, and the food is rather delicious, giving it a strong image of a resort destination. I also think that Southeast Asia will grow in the future, with Singapore, a financial center, as a base. However, as a place to “live,” I don’t think it is that attractive.


I love spending time outside. I love walking. That is why I want the outside to be “beautiful, romantic, and clean”. That’s why I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that Southeast Asia is not a good place for me to settle down.


Of course, I never thought I wanted to live in Southeast Asia from the beginning. But now that I’ve actually been here, I understand it better. Above all, there is a big part of me that says, “I like being in Europe better than being in Southeast Asia.” After all, one’s personality changes depending on the city one lives in. When I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, I was very romantic. Because the city makes me romantic. In other words, the environment is very important.


Therefore, I think that I can be romantic in a country with romantic cityscapes and atmosphere. That is why I like Europe.


I have never been to USA, so I would love to go there. But I’m not sure if it’s a priority. Right now, the very attractive ones are India, which will be the third largest country by 2040. Turkey, where the currency is collapsing and now is a good time to go, Canada, Australia, and the UK to decide which country to go on a working holiday, the Netherlands, which is a candidate for immigration, Italy, where I have friends and the food is the best in the world, Norway, where my friend is going to study abroad, and Denmark where my friend invited me to his house to stay, Poland where my friend is, Kazakhstan where my friend is going to show me around, and South America which is easy to experience only when you are young. There are so many countries. My desire to travel the world has not gone away yet. I haven’t traveled all the way. That is why I would like to continue to travel to many more places and explore which countries are comfortable for me to live in. I would like to use Southeast Asia as my future “vacation/second home,” so I would like to decide which country is the best in the end. For now, I’m thinking Thailand, Indonesia, or Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.