Dinner on the beach in KK. Found my most favorite dish!

Dinner on the beach in KK. Found my most favorite dish!

Day 2 in Kota Kinabalu. The hostel where I am staying is really a great place. The location is great and the curtains make it very cozy and private. And the beds are on the first floor, which is really great.

After waking up in the morning, I was hungry and decided to go to KFC. KFC in Kota Kinabalu has a very small amount of fries and a very small amount of drinks. Perhaps it is because the amount of chicken and fries transported here is not very large? Or maybe people don’t eat that much?



It’s $4 for a set price, which is actually more expensive than a local restaurant. If it were a local restaurant, it would be really great because you can eat it for $2.



Working all the time at Starbucks

Today is a work day. I have a job from a company that has always taken care of me, so I decided to do that. I feel that making things is fun. I really enjoy being able to work in a cafe, and at the same time, I’m working on a website for an architect, which I really like. It’s a lot of fun. I think that if I could add some interesting gimmicks, I could make a better website.



It was getting late in the evening, so I decided to head to the beach where I could see the sunset that Sufi had told us about!

I left Starbucks and headed to Sunset Beach with my DSLR. It was about a 45-minute walk there. But I walked to that beach because it’s the best time I can take a chance to walk every day to make my legs stronger, not gain weight, be healthier, listen to music while walking, and learn more about nature and Kota Kinabalu.



On the way to the beach, there is a running track, and reptiles like crocodiles are common in the pond.



I feel that people in Kota Kinabalu are very calm and nice. Compared to people in Kuala Lumpur, they seem to be warmer. I think that’s what makes it such a nice place.



Will you be driven by work and get the money but change your personality to bad way, or will you be calm and nice in the country and the money is low income. Which would you choose? That’s a tough question.



Arrived at the beach! The view was awesome.

I arrived at the beach. It was filled with so many people there that it was truly unbelievable. There were food stalls nearby, selling very cheaply.



The food looks really good and the coconut juice is very tasty. I can’t believe that you can buy that for 3 ringgit (90 yen).

I decided to go to the beach first. The beach there was very similar to the beach in Da Nang, but it was more mud than sand. But it was very pleasant and the temperature was nice.



Many people had come to watch the sunset. Of course, it might be because it was Sunday. I was watching the sunset in such a place, though I was alone. Listening to everyone’s voices, I felt a certain sense of oneness, as if I was a human being just like everyone else.



The most “delicious” food in Malaysia

I was very hungry and decided to have dinner. It was a restaurant near the beach, where there were many golf club members. I guess because the golf course is nearby.



There, I ordered Malay food while watching the sunset. The Malay food was the best I have ever had in Malaysia. Chicken, beans, vegetables, rice, everything was delicious. You would think it would taste better because I was eating it while watching the sunset, right?



Exquisitely delicious.

Ayam Penyet。油揚げが得に美味しい。

Ayam Penyet, fried tofu is very tasty.


Of course, there is that, but the “taste” is very good. The price was 20 ringgit ($4), which was a bit pricey, but I found it really tasty. For the first time in a while, I usually drink water, but there was a Sprite Float with ice cream on top of the Sprite, which I was really interested in, so I decided to order that.



Sprite float. What’s that?


While eating, I watched the sunset. There were many family members, friends, and lovers around, and it was rare to see a single person. But before I knew it, I was able to enter a restaurant alone. I think this is probably thanks to Cici.

She eats alone 95% of the time, so of course she goes to restaurants alone. Of course, there were times when I was concerned about people’s eyes on me, but now I don’t mind at all. I can enjoy my time, and above all, I remembered Cici’s words.

I was reminded of Cici’s words, “Everyone is enjoying their own life, and they don’t care about their surroundings at all.”

So I was able to walk into the restaurant normally, as if nothing had happened. I think this is a great success, breaking a big, big barrier. I am very happy to have achieved my goal, thank you Cici.



Buy some coconut milk juice on the way back home.

On the way home, I decided to buy coconut milk juice from a food stall and head home.



Going home, of course, was on foot. Since I had experienced the jungle, I didn’t mind walking at all anymore. I was fine with it. On the way home, I was listening to Ghibli music for the first time in a while and Lana Del Rey’s West Coast and Shades of Cool, which Cici recommended to me. The nighttime streets can be scary, but like Forrest Gump, I just kept walking forward.



Then, before I knew it, I had arrived near the hostel. It was somehow not enough.

That’s how much I enjoy walking, how much I like walking, and how happy I am.

It was another good day.