After a vegan morning, surfing on the beach for the first time in a long time!

After a vegan morning, surfing on the beach for the first time in a long time!

Breakfast was at the hostel. What a surprise, this hostel is a vegan hostel, and all the breakfast items were vegan. But to be able to eat that for 500 yen (for regular people) was really nothing but the best.



It was banana soup, it was bread of all colors, it was homemade cheese. Everything was really, really incredibly delicious. I think this is what a really healthy meal is all about.



Surfing at Canggu Beach after a long time

When I went to the ocean, the waves were really rough. Maybe it was because it was after the rain stopped, but it was too intense. I met Yogi, the instructor, and the boss of the surf school Fikri after a long time!

Everyone greeted me with smiles, and I was really happy. I felt they were really “positive” people. When I am surrounded by positive people like this, I also feel very energized. Once again, I realized how wonderful it is to be surrounded by positive people, and how much more positive it makes one’s life.

Today, after the rain, the waves were incredibly strong. So it was easy to surf, but dangerous. So my boss told me that it was dangerous to surf at this time of the day, and that it would be better to surf from about 2:30 p.m. So I sat down and waited for him.

While I was sitting there, I was reading the book “Good vibe, good life” all the time, and Fikri gave me crackers and sweet potatoes. And Yogi gave me fruits. Apparently, he gave me two fruits, Salak and Manggis. Both of them looked very delicious, but I had never eaten them before, so I didn’t know how to eat them.




So he showed me how to peel them and I was able to eat them. The taste was very unique, and the manggis in particular were very strange. The manggis were especially strange, but very sweet.

I personally like Salak. The texture is like leeks, but the taste is incredibly sweet.




I love everyone at the surf school who kindly gives me food and water like this. I really wish I could be surrounded by them all the time. I was really happy. I was positive before I knew it.



On the beach, you can get energy and read in the sun

For some reason, being on the beach fills me with energy. Perhaps this is because I am standing on the surface of the earth. It’s a very strange feeling. When I am at the beach I love to read.

In the chapter I read today, I read “Choose your friends, surround yourself with only positive friends, friends who support your dreams and who you can improve with, and leave immediately from people who are jealous and always critical” and “Family members are usually conservative people who don’t support your crazy challenges and try to make you give up on your dreams. What they haven’t experienced is scary to them, so they try to get their kids to go down the same path as them.” I learned that.

I learned how to solve this problem in the book, which I think is a really great book. Three years ago, I used to set a goal of reading 10 foreign books a year. When I think about it, I really feel that I am moving forward and growing up. I was very happy about that. At the same time, I realized that in order to live a happy and bright life, it is important to be in a state of high vibration, and that everything that surrounds you (food, environment, friends, family, lovers, colleagues, etc.) has a tremendous impact on you. I realized this once again after reading this book.



At least the waves were getting better, so we decided to surf

I wondered if I would be able to surf for the first time in a long time, but I was able to ride smoother than I expected, and my muscles had not lost much weight. I had already learned how to surf, so I was able to ride the waves much easier than the first time. I was really happy about that.

Yogi was also teaching another student, and since I surfed near him, he saw me surfing and told me that my surfing is improving. I was really happy to hear him say that.

I thought to myself, “I see, humans are creatures that want to be “appreciated” and we like people who recognize us.”

So we surfed for about two hours straight. The sun wasn’t shining, so I guess I wasn’t too tired, and I didn’t lose too much energy. Still, it was really fun. This time, I was able to do three or four long rides. The waves were much stronger than I expected, and I can’t tell you how many times I got caught in the washing machine. And how many times did I drink seawater? I lost count. But it was an experience, and I really enjoyed it. Everything was fun. I thought that sports are the best. It makes you feel good.




Oh, by the way, I have booked my tickets for Taylor swift! If I win the lottery, I will be able to go to the Live! I just hope.